The Ottumwa Courier

October 31, 2012

Romney’s beliefs seem to be contradictions


BLOOMFIELD — Let me see if I have this correct:

• Mitt is on record saying he believes that it is fair for him to pay 14 percent taxes on $20 million and someone making $50,000 to pay 28 percent;

• Claims he wants to get rid of all the tax loopholes except the ones he has profited most from such as off-short accounts and capital gains;

• States on the record that 47 percent of the American people are moochers who believe that the government owes them a living, while in reality, over 90 percent of these people are on Social Security, in the military or work at low-paying jobs that don’t pay enough to pay income taxes;

• Is on record as saying he is for women’s right to choose, is for universal health insurance, favors a ban on assault weapons, says coal mining is a killer while running for governor of a liberal state, but has completely reversed himself on every single one of these issues, even endorsing a candidate who claims getting pregnant from being raped is an “act of God;”

• Touts his ability to work with the opposite party while in office, but in reality had 800-plus of his vetoes overridden while he was governor; tries to appeal to the Hispanic population with his compassion and yet hired the very man who wrote the most anti-immigrant law in the country.

All this and yet we still have a large segment of the population saying “That’s our man!”

I have to wonder what would it take for these supporters to finally find him objectionable — a felony conviction, membership in a racist or radical military group? Probably not even these to most of his supporters.

Dan Murphy