The Ottumwa Courier

November 14, 2012

Mathematical physics and monetary slavery


OTTUMWA — The national debt is equal to the amount of currency in circulation since Congress illegally borrows each dollar into existence from a central bank when it’s constitutionally charged with coining money free of debt and regulating the value thereof, keeping the amount of currency equal with the production of goods and services in the market, which automatically occurs from the Constitution allowing only limited hard currency gold and silver to be coined. The only way to zero out the national deficit with a central bank is to retract the money supply to zero.

Silver can keep the scarcity of gold from being used to corner the market and controlling currency value since it’s more abundant than gold, a safeguard against retraction and a means to liquidity if gold were somehow reduced from the U.S. Treasury.

Inflation is the increasing of currency in circulation beyond production, reducing currency value. Deflation is the retraction of currency in circulation beneath production, which has to be calculated by the present market prior to retracting asset, stripping the middle and lower classes.

Fractional reserve banking reduces our purchasing power, transferring it from the middle and lower classes to the wealthy and equally reduces our individual rights, for they are inseparable since the loss of personal wealth results in increasing dependence on the state increasing the size and reach of government reducing liberty.

I did my best to clarify monetary slavery by applying mathematical physics to express it.

Steinbach’s Law of Centralized Banking Economics

I=VxP I=Inflation

V=I/P V=Currency Value

P=I/V P=Production

T=IxV T=Transfer of Wealth

Steinbach Ohm Pascal Newton Einstein

Inflation = Voltage = Flow = Force = Energy

Currency V = Current = Pressure = Mass = Mass

Production = Resistance = Area = Acceleration = Speed of Light in a vacuum Squared

Timothy Steinbach