The Ottumwa Courier

October 11, 2012

Highest positions are earned, not deserved


OTTUMWA — After reading the letter from a reader who thinks our president deserves another four years, I have a different perpective. I say it is the highest honor in America, and you do not get it because you deserve it. You get it because you earned it. We do not get anything in this life without a little work. We are forgetting that even rich people work for it so the people who don’t work can have food on the table. If you want freedom in this or any country, you fight for it, then you can say you earned it. You want to become successful? You go to school and earn success from knowledge and hard work, not by being a dropout and thinking those who have money can take care of you. We have never had a president who has caused so much controvery as the one we have now. The reason some people don’t want a job is because the ones available are below them, and they would rather take charity from the ones who do work. Something is wrong in our society when people think they deserve something without working. I am not talking about people who are disabled but people who are able. America has always helped those in need. We help them because we earned it so we could help. Everyone may deserve to work, but he has to earn it by giving the employer a day’s work. No one deserves to be president of any office — they have to earn it — by earning trust from the American people and the needs of every citizen who had to work for those freedoms and rights. Better start by checking out the others in government who are in Congress who also have failed us as well. They don’t deserve our trust either. This is going to be one of the most controversal elections. I am only glad I am a senior, as the young ones are left with their hands full.

Vote folks. Don’t let people tell you someone deserves to be in office unless you feel they earned it. I just pray you can find someone you trust and who is worthy. You must say to yourself, would I put my life and my families in their hands? Not me. I have my sights set higher up to the one who has earned it. God help us all.

Pat Carnahan