The Ottumwa Courier

October 17, 2012

Surely we can do better than President Obama


OTTUMWA — Bill Clinton speaking with insiders: “Barack Obama is an amateur!” This said of a man donning the mantle of national leadership with the pretense of healing the great national rift. How then does this president become the most divisive in contemporary history?

One of President Obama’s long-term Chicago acquaintances confided to biographer Edward Klein: “ ... Obama has delusions of grandeur and a preoccupation with his place in history. He is afflicted with megalomania. How else can you explain ... an obscure community organizer who began writing his autobiography before he was 30? You can explain it with ... arrogance ... vanity ... whatever word you choose, it spells ... disaster for the country ...”

Ethics and Public Policy Center spokesman opines: “Barack Obama may be a lousy president ... but he’s a very good campaigner.” He is determined to be re-elected and to be forever seen as the president who transformed America into a European-style democratic-socialist welfare state. Klein elaborates: “ ... a president who is inept in the arts of management and governance, who doesn’t learn from his mistakes ... a man who blames all his problems on those with whom he disagrees, who discards old friends when they are no longer useful and who is so thin-skinned that he constantly complains about what people say and write about him.”

To win re-election, Obama must dazzle with smoke and mirrors while ducking and dodging his first term:

• Obama has allowed the first ever lowering of America’s AAA credit rating

• He raised the national debt to an unprecedented $16 trillion

• Obamacare adds another trillion in new spending plus a 4.5 percent tax increase

• Obama’s re-election financing was largely helped by bankrupt financial giant MS Global, now under grand jury investigation

• Obama’s immigration program vacillates wildly between widespread deportations and wholesale grants of amnesty

• He has imposed federal mandates interfering with religious freedoms

• Civilian trials for terrorists? Guantanamo? Really?

• Obama wants energy independence but rejects Keystone Pipeline

• Obama has proposed sharp cuts in health care spending for the military, their families and service retirees, leaving unionized defense workers benefits untouched

• The terrorists murder of Americans in Libya is just “a bump in the road!”

Unchecked, a national crisis emanates from this White House. The security of our country is at stake. This president wants to hang on to the most difficult job in the world. Clinton called it. Surely we can do better.

Kenneth S. Wayne, MD