The Ottumwa Courier

October 17, 2012

It’s time for America to wake up or else


OTTUMWA — Freedom or something else?

We don’t bend and bow or apologize to our enemies — foreign or domestic.

We are the United States of America, NOT the divided: Black-White; Fat-Thin; Old-Young; Rich-Poor; Man-Woman. We are Americans!

Our government is supposed to protect and defend OUR country.

NOT tell us what to eat.

NOT tell us what doctor to go to.

NOT tell us what car we should drive.

NOT tell us we have buy health care that we don’t want.

NOT tell us we have to give to the whole world, whether we want to or not.

There is no giving freely in that (no heart gift).

Our country is in trouble.

Wake up, America!

2 Chron. 7:14

Psalms 47:1-2

Matthew 25:14-30

Linda Clark


P.S. To Mr. Dictator. I say NOT. What do you say?