The Ottumwa Courier

October 22, 2012

Vote Romney, Archer and Smith on Nov. 6


OTTUMWA — How’s that hope and change Obama touts working for you? Are you better off four years later? Gas prices are high, and unemployment is high. The number of people on food stamps is 47  million. President Obama and Ambassador Rice can’t keep their stories  about the terrorist attack on 9/11/12 straight. This was terrorism “planned” attack not because of a video! We need new leadership in the White House by electing Mitt Romney as president.

We also need Archer in the U.S. House and Blake Smith as our state representative in Des Moines. Both Archer and Smith understand that southeast Iowa needs more industry. What bills of any substance has Rep. Gaskill brought in the House? The only thing I have ever read about Rep. Gaskill was she walked out on a gun bill debate. I am sure if elected, Blake Smith will represent all of this districts Democrats, Republicans and independents.

Vote Romney, Archer, Smith.

Ken Malcom


P.S. Jimmy Carter was a better president than Obama.