The Ottumwa Courier

October 31, 2012

Politics in the judicial branch is a shame


AGENCY — With over 40 years working in the legal profession, I write to urge my follow Iowans to resist the zealot minority who are trying to force their religious views on the rest of us. Don’t allow a perfectly fine Supreme Court Justice to be removed from the bench for simply doing his job; i.e., interpreting the Iowa Constitution irrespective of lawmakers’ or the public’s opinion. From my freshman high school civics class, I still remember why the fathers of our county established three separate branches of government — so checks and balances are in place and no one branch of government oversteps their bounds. To allow politics to enter into Iowa’s Judicial Branch would be a SHAME.

The following definitions are from the dictionary:

Jihad = Crusade;

Fatwa = Religious decree issued by (Muslim) leader;

Terrorist = 1) A person who terrorizes or frightens others; 2) A member of a political group aiming at the demoralization of the government by terror.

Please, Iowa’s electorate, tell Jihadist VanderPlaats and his terrorist followers that Iowans don’t tolerate terrorism, and their Christian fatwa will not be countenanced here. Vote YES to retain Justice David Wiggins.

Bonnie (Hoekstra) Eggers