The Ottumwa Courier

March 13, 2013

Help welcome Pie Lady back from Newtown


ELDON — Eldon’s pie lady, Beth Howard's theory in life, and her web page says: “The world needs more pie.” I think she has a great idea. When she heard about the shootings in Sandy Hook, she was so saddened, as was just about everyone, her thoughts turned to “What can I do to show my sympathy and help?”

The next day, she got in her mini-motorhome and off she went to make pie.

She has made two trips to Newtown, Conn., to share pie with the grieving community of Sandy Hook Elementary.

We can show her that we agree: “The world would be a better place over a piece of pie.” Reaching out to those hurting helps and that is what she has done.

There will be a reception for her upon her return this week. The welcome home reception will be held from 2-4 p.m. Sunday at the KD Center in Eldon.

Pie will be served and there will be a silent auction of pie with the proceeds to go to Sandy Hook. This will be from “our town to Newtown.”

During the reception, Beth will share some of her experiences making pie and giving it away out there.

The public is invited to attend and show her we support her efforts.

Allen and Rosie Morrison