The Ottumwa Courier

October 3, 2012

Movie shows us who Obama really is


OTTUMWA — My opinion of President Barack Obama is very low to say the least. I’m ashamed of how the president of the United States has conducted himself. America is a great nation with a lot of backbone. For almost four years, all I’ve heard from this president is apologies. I saw the movie “2016 Obama’s America” at the theater. This movie shows the real character of President Obama; it shows us who Obama really is.

Hope and change. My opinion on Obama’s hope is to make the United States fall, and the change shows that is what’s happening. Financially we are falling, and our foreign policy doesn’t seem to be working for us either.

If we give Obama a chance for another four years, what do you think will happen to the United States? What will President Obama promise other countries? Remember when President Obama was talking with Russia? Obama said he could do more after he’s elected for his last term. The mike was supposed to be turned off. What do you think the president meant? Why does the president financially back countries that are backed by terrorism, who are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why didn’t our president order a more beefed-up security on 9/11? What do you think of the lack of attention and judgment from this president? After the attack on 9/11, President Obama goes to Vegas; why didn’t he postpone this scheduled trip? What is more important, staying at the White House and coming up with a plan to address these horrendous attacks on our embassies and killing our people or going to Vegas to campaign?

The president has had 104 golf rounds. Wow! How many times in four years have you had some relaxing and enjoyable time away from your job or everyday life? I would like my tax dollars to pay for a president that will help the people of the United States. I don’t want to see Jay Carney at the podium. I want to see the president more, to stand up and tell the truth. In my opinion, that’s not too much to ask of our president.

Nina Allman