The Ottumwa Courier

August 20, 2013

Too many oops moments

Ottumwa Courier

---- — As of last summer/fall, the streets and curbs in the Green and Gara streets area look very nice. Good job, Christy Bros. and Norris Asphalt. You marked everything off well before work began, city engineer had his eyes on the progress. But he must have turned his head a minute because one of my driveways (that was marked driveway in bold, hot pink paint) got curbed in. Oops!

Had a nice metal roof put on a couple years ago because the roof leaked bad. Had to call roofer back three times because it still leaked in the original spot. Now out of money to have someone else come back and repair it; live alone and it still leaks. Cannot repair drywall or flooring, cannot find listing for him so I can sue his behind. At a loss as to what to do, but hey, roof looks great. Oops.

CPC agency that is supposed to help us poor folks out. They told me I was approved to get help with my meds. Then got rude with me when they found out I would not go to mental health, so denied me and told me to go elsewhere. And why do I need to go to mental health to get meds for thyroid and blood pressure and do not have mental health issues? Am I missing something? Oops on you, CPC.

Patricia Sanchez