The Ottumwa Courier

November 10, 2012

Hang on to children, the treasure of life


OTTUMWA — I’m now among the older in life.

My children now are grandparents.

How the years have gone by so fast.

Seems like just a few years ago, I was taking my children to the park to swing, watch the ducks and feed them bread and crackers. Now my children take their grandchildren to the park as I did when they were young and play all the games as I did with my children.

All I can say is to hang on to the most treasured of life with all your heart and soul. And that is your children, no matter their age.

At times I feel so alone without my children around. But in my heart I know they are doing the same as I did when they were young, watching over their children and their grandchildren as it should be.

What we call love of family.

God bless families around the world.

We need that love in our lives.

It keeps a person wanting to keep on keeping on, no matter their age.

Rick Ogden