The Ottumwa Courier

October 10, 2012

A possible scenario for the country's future


OTTUMWA — A very possible scenario for the not-too-distant future:

And the citizens were without food and shelter nor the means to acquire them. They raised their voices and turned their eyes eastward to the nation’s capital. “Save us, Mr. President,” they shouted over and over.  He replied, “I will save you, but I need more time than you have given me. All elections are hereby suspended until I have met all your needs and achieved all my goals.”

And the citizens were silenced. After all, he should be given a chance, should he not? “Go ahead, save us, Mr. President.”

“Oh, there is one more thing. I will be suspending all personal freedoms to alleviate any problems with malcontents who might interfere while I implement my solutions to make everyone equal in every way.”

The citizens were outraged but remained silent. After all, he should be given a chance, should he not. What would we do if we had to fend for ourselves. Go ahead, save us, Mr. President.

Craig Allen