The Ottumwa Courier

October 10, 2012

Loebsack a common-sense choice for district


NEW SHARON — As a man raised with a humble beginning who could have resented society for his place in life, he took the other path. This path would lead him to become a highly educated man, who chose to educate others. With his education came common sense, knowing that a “house divided will fall.” It’s this common sense leadership that led him to know that follow-the-leader, partisan politics has never benefited the people of this country. He has proven that many times by working across the aisle to maintain the promise of Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, along with many other policies that benefit Americans. He is a candidate who governs ALL Americans, regardless of their party, in order to move this country forward. It is these reasons that Dave Loebsack is the common-sense choice for our district.

Harold and Judy Silk

New Sharon