The Ottumwa Courier

September 17, 2013

What would Syria cost?

Ottumwa Courier

---- — In remembering the words spoken by the president, “Our goal in Syria will be a limited action,” I ask how many will be killed in a limited action? How much money will be spent in this limited action? In my lifetime, the government has taught me to hate the Japanese, Germans, Italians, some French, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and others I am sure I have forgotten. I am once again asked to add another to that list. If I make what you feel is a bad remark, I am subject to arrest. Make up your minds. I wrote the following hoping many will agree and set forth to change those in government:

It is easy fighting a war. If you are not the one ducking the fire.

Excuses are given by the score and always by the liar.

So the rich can be given more, many are killed by the score.

Mothers weep, dads fail to understand why

It is always, we the poor

Let us recall only the dead know the end of war.

P.S. Do not worry about our city leaders attempting the practice of nepotism. They have perfected it.

Max Hulen