The Ottumwa Courier

September 20, 2013

Gun owners stand for rights

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Thankfully, brave Americans are demanding and reclaiming our gun rights. Right on!

Colorado voters just recalled two new state senators who foolishly voted for radical anti-gun rights legislation ... threw them right out of office. Right on!

FBI statistics indicate that less than 2 percent of gun fatalities in the U.S. are committed with "assault weapons." Yet Democrats, socialists and the media don't want to mention the 250,000-350,000 lives that are saved each year due to PGU (protective gun use). Right on!

Last week in Nortland Kansas City, an escalating desperate crime spree involving assaults, home break-ins with occupants inside, cars stolen and even driven through garage doors, was finally ended by a brave homeowner firing a pair of 12 gauge rounds. PGU. No responsible gun owner wants to go to this point, but if that action ultimately saves lives, so be it. Right on!

In rural Washington state, I've even had to hold an assailant who'd been committing a violent destructive rampage at gunpoint in the road until deputies arrived. PGU. Right on!

I'm a military certified expert marksman, and what weapons I choose to possess or not in my personal arsenal is nobody's business but mine. Period. Right on!

Sept. 11 reminds us why we need to stay an armed society. Know why even the Nazis did not invade Swizerland? All the Swiss are armed. Right on!

Realize this: There's a whole lot of us God-fearing, flag-waving, gun-toting, constitutional freedom fighters. We will not be fooled, silenced or disarmed. Right on!

Remember that as you incumbent and wannabe state and federal legislators spout your lies, party propaganda and empty promises on the campaign trail and in office next year. Coloradoans shouted a loud message. So can brave Iowans. Right on!

Rick McClure