The Ottumwa Courier

January 9, 2013

Many questions remain in penitentiary lawsuit


SIGOURNEY — In light of the many massacres occurring in public places by the mentally unstable, a past condition at the Fort Madison Penitentiary is a real eye-opener. Most Iowa sixth-graders would have advised that the inane custom of allowing horror, erotic, sadistic, ad nauseum movies to the mentally ill incarcerated there is itself an insane practice — similar to pouring gasoline to douse a fire.

I have read about one side of the situation, but if that report is ONLY half true, the wardens who permitted such practices should have at minimum been dismissed as soon as the correctional officer’s complaints (in 2007!) was investigated. Who investigated her complaints? Was it the warden — the warden who was himself the object of the complaint?

May the correctional officer’s lawsuit against specific prison officials results in such a judgment in her favor that future wardens and those who hire them are in AWE!

Lois Batchelder