The Ottumwa Courier

January 12, 2013

Some thoughts on mass shooting solutions


OTTUMWA — Have you heard what happens when we have a mass shooting? People go out and buy up more guns. The NRA does more business.

Do you remember the sitcom “All in the Family.” The character “Archie Bunker” said in one of the episodes that if you want to stop planes from being hijacked, give each person a gun as they get on the plane. So when the hijacker pulls out a gun, each of the passengers on the plane could pull out a gun as well. That sounded so funny. Some of you younger snappers probably don’t remember this show.

Well the NRA has a plan nearly as silly — give a gun to the teachers in our schools. Now besides teaching our children, they could be armed guards.

Obama said get rid of the assault weapons. Why does anyone need a gun that can fire 10 times a second?

In the mall, they have bars they put up when the shop is closed to protect property. We can do as much for our children. Bars on the windows and doors and give the teachers a key. Just a thought.

Carolyn Stansberry