The Ottumwa Courier

January 23, 2013

Teaching children to respect goes a long way


OTTUMWA — Parents teaching their children RESPECT for themselves and RESPECT for others maybe, this does NOT mean letting the government elect day care givers, preschool administrators, baby-sitters, school teachers to do it. We have grown to a society of “succeed at any price.” Well, the price we have paid by BOTH parents having to work outside the home, leaving child rearing to others has proved to not be too successful. Out of greed, we have outsourced our jobs to other countries to require parents to choose between raising their children or getting a low-pay job to help make ends meet.

A terrible tragedy happens and many jump into action, even if they do not know what they are talking about, i.e. most do not know the difference between a clip and a magazine-fed firearm, an automatic from a semi-automatic, an assault weapon from a sporting weapon, a pistol from a revolver and to fire “ten shots in less than a second” by an individual with a semi-auto weapon. Well, I do not know of anyone who is able to do that, even in my several years in the USMC. I never saw anyone do that. When children who are taught respect for others, they grow up to respect their neighbors’ wishes and rights and their friends’ and peers’ beliefs and wishes also. They in turn pass these beliefs on to their children and on and on. Is it better to teach our children to NOT break the bottle rather than FIX the broken bottle? Rodney Dangerfield had a point when he said “I get no respect,” and he may have some merit. WE MUST RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS EVEN THOUGH THEY MAY NOT BE THE SAME VIEWS AS EACH OF US HAVE, otherwise, agree to disagree.

Gene Irelan