The Ottumwa Courier

December 8, 2012

Remember that eternity is coming


OTTUMWA — This has been an interesting year. We have seen the Social Contract, which is the basis of trust in any society, broken. “Managed” news releases. A Hoover-like Justice Department. Fast and Furious. Sheriff Joe. My niece had her car hit by a man who the police let go, refusing to give her the insurance information, and then he “lost” the information for this illegal who disappeared.

The Freedom of Religion Rights were beaten down by the liberal agenda to legalize any sexual desire. No wonder Congressional pages were eliminated! The Bread and Circus of Rome is now buying votes with food stamps and cell phones. A Nixon-revisited presidency that justifies terrorists killing to “protect” God and arrests filmmakers. Ministers reject the Scriptures and justify it with appeals to the mob. But now we are entering a magical time of the year, where we turn from what woes we have faced to enjoy the “holiday” season.

So we fill our days with wishes. Wishing, while we kill off factories, businesses and full-time jobs, that the piggy bank will never run out. Wishing cover-up investigations disappear. Wishing the humanist-centered “god” will love us no matter what. While our leaders play Santa Claus, here is my wish. Actually, my prayer. Remember there was a real Saint Nick who knew Who really knows if you are asleep or awake and have been good or bad. Remember the Son of God came and the Word was made flesh. There will come a Judgment Day and that Judge will not be interested in what the common man thinks or wants. I pray that you look beyond tomorrow and remember eternity is coming. God is watching.

Tom McInerney