The Ottumwa Courier

February 27, 2013

Think twice about type of gun for home defense


OTTUMWA — Vice President .... “fire a couple shots from a dbl barrel shotgun outside, preferably a 12 ga ...” this is part of the talk in a so-called town-hall meeting recently where our VP stated how he told his wife to protect herself from a potential attacker or intruder of their home. Can any intelligent person really believe this is the best way for a woman to protect herself from a potential intruder? I think not! This is just more double talk from someone pushing an agenda ... What I would suggest, a 20 ga pump, preferably, the Remington model 870 youth model, it holds five rounds, if an intruder comes to the door and is attempting forced entry, seek cover, when the intruder enters, fire at him with #2 buck shot, then, if that does not stop, a 3” deer slug or two as this is a pump shotgun with five rounds in it ... at close range, this is very powerful in stopping power, also, does not recoil so much as a 12 ga and is for a smaller framed person such as a woman, in addition to holding more than just two shells. I am afraid that the VP’s wife would be already injured before she got off a shot when going outside to fire her dbl barrel shotgun ... in addition, firing at a person retreating is seldom judged as self-defense ... also, shortening the barrel to around 18.5” makes the shotgun more easily handled in small areas and spreads the shot in a broader pattern ... hopefully, no one ever has to do this, but, in today’s crazy world, it seems everyday, a situation happens where one is placed in a confrontational situation (always check your local gun laws first).

Gene Irelan