The Ottumwa Courier

January 31, 2014

Pellet gun used to kill family dog

Ottumwa Courier

---- — OTTUMWA — As the family continues to mourn the loss of their dog, Barney Brown, Randy Davis told the Ottumwa Courier the family has learned what type of gun killed their dog.

Family veterinarian Dr. Matt Garver indicated to Davis a pellet gun fired the fatal shot. The round entered the dog behind his left front leg and went through his heart and lungs.

Since Wednesday evening, Davis said his family has received tremendous support from the community and the local police department.

"We are still numb," said Davis. "The police officers that we dealt with were very helpful and sympathetic. There is no chance this was a stray pellet. This was done on purpose, execution style … after dark. The vet said some dogs he has X-rayed actually had pellets and BBs that showed up. Often they are not deadly."

Persons with information on the shooting in southeast Ottumwa on Greenwood Drive should contact the Ottumwa Police Department.