The Ottumwa Courier

March 19, 2014

Keosauqua terminates contract with Waste Management


---- — KEOSAUQUA — The Keosauqua City Council initiated the process of changing trash service haulers.

The council sent a letter terminating trash service with Waste Management. The letter, addressed to Waste Management’s Municipal Marketing Manager, David Schaab.

The city has engaged in conversation with Sedore Trash Haulers to handle the solid waste/recycling efforts of the city.

The council signed an agreement with the Van Buren Recreation Area, Inc., that would construct a city pool on the grounds of the River View Country Club.

The council met with River View Club representative Richard Nichols on the agreement during the regular council meeting. The pool will be completed by July 1, 2015, under its terms.

According to the agreement, the public outdoor swimming pool would be established on land abutting the golf course adjoining the Van Buren Recreation Area, Inc. River View Club has offered to make the site available for the swimming pool.

The city agrees, subject to the availability of funding, to establish and build the pool. The River View Country Club agrees to permit the city to purchase the land currently owned by the club for $1.00. The city will engage the services of an engineering firm to prepare a comprehensive development plan for the outdoor swimming facility.

Community use of the pool will not be restricted.

The River View Club will have the responsibility for upgrading the access road, parking areas and inside locker area, shower, restrooms and concession areas. The city will bear the cost of installing the other improvements, including the letting or contracting of the pool construction. Expenditures are contemplated not to be more than $600,000.

The agreement calls for the facility to be ready for public use no later than July 1, 2015, subject to available funding.

As far as maintaining the pool, the agreement states, “it is understood by all parties that upon establishment of the community outdoor swimming pool, under City ownership, the facility will thereafter create and constitute, to some extent, an expense and budgetary consideration for the City of Keosauqua, which is limited in its resources, as to the imposition of such expense to the City and its taxpayers.”

If the city decides to sell the pool at some point in the future, it agrees to offer it to a qualified tax-exempt organization. If there are no organizations wishing to purchase, then it would be offered by written offer and/or right of first refusal to the Van Buren Recreation Area, Inc., at fair market value.

The Community Foundation of Van Buren County, Iowa, and the Van Buren Foundation, Inc., each have offered, upon submission of appropriate grant application, to make “substantial contributions” to the establishment of a permanent outdoor swimming facility.

Richard Nichols, representing the Van Buren Recreation Area, Inc., presented the council with the proposed community public pool agreement.

The city agreed to consider annually its budgetary ability to contribute toward the maintenance and operation of the pool, but it did not commit to set any amount of annual budgeted sums for operation and maintenance. In the event of non-appropriation, the city has the right to terminate this agreement in whole, not not in part, at the end of any fiscal year of the city.

A separate concession and management agreement between the city and the club shall be prepared and in place prior to the dedication of the completed pool facility. The city and the club agreed to have representatives of the parties, consisting of three representatives of the club and three of the city, including the mayor and two council members who shall meet every two weeks to discuss grant applications, to review progress, delegate duties, outline fund-raising responsibilities and timelines and generally oversee the project.