The Ottumwa Courier

November 4, 2013

Go to the polls today and cast your vote

Ottumwa Courier

---- — OTTUMWA — Southern Iowans have many elected officials to choose from in the voting booth today. In Wapello and surrounding counties, mayor and city council seats are up for grabs.

In Agency, Kevin Snyder is running unopposed for mayor. Vying for three city council positions are John Benedict, Daniel Boos, Alan Campbell, Mary Ruth Hanna and William Steele. To fill a vacancy on the council, voters will choose between Linda Teeter Knaak and Kathy Thrasher.

In Blakesburg, Jason Myers is running unopposed for mayor. Council member candidates are Penny Fisher, Ronald Moser, Donna Thompson and Vickie Willey.

In Chillicothe, James M. Lasley is running unopposed for mayor. To fill five positions on the city council, the candidates are David Dalbey, Sharon Lasley, Troy L. Ragen, John Richmond and Tim Richmond.

In Eddyville, John Simmers is running unopposed for mayor. Running to fill three city council positions are Randy Deevers, Doug Greenlee, Dot Maudlin and Wendell Terrell.

In Eldon, Sean Coulter and Shirley A. Stacey are running for mayor. Craig Brown, Kaye Cranston, Linda Durflinger, Missy Streeby, Laura Thompson, Jerry L. Potts and Reed Vass are vying to fill five city council spots.

In addition, Eldon will also be voting on Public Measure "B" to change the terms of city council members to staggered, four-year terms to be effective for the November 2015 elections for terms beginning in January 2016. The city council will consist of five council members elected at large by the entire electorate for four-year terms of office. At the first regular city election in November 2015, after the terms of council members are changed to four years, the terms of office beginning January 2016 will be staggered by which the majority of the elected council members who receive the highest number of votes are elected for four-year terms, and the remainder are elected for two-year terms.

In Kirkville, there is no candidate for mayor. Running for city council positions are David L. Faybik, Jesse Fridley Jr. and Paula Hurley.

In Ottumwa, Frank Flanders and Tom Lazio are running for mayor. Keith Caviness, Matt Dalbey, Robert L. LaPoint, Bob Meyers, Belinda Smith-Cicarella and Skip Stevens are vying for the three open city council positions.

Polling places

Polls will be open in Wapello County From 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today.

Polling places in Ottumwa are:

Precinct 1: Penn Ave. Free Methodist Church, 820 E. Pennsylvania Ave.

Precinct 2: North Court Baptist Church, 1411 N. Court St.

Precinct 3: Great Prairie AEA 15, 2814 N. Court St.

Precinct 4: Westgate Towers, 910 W. Second St.

Precinct 5: Wapello County Courthouse, 101 W. Fourth St.

Precinct 6: Southoak Towers, 102 W. Finley Ave.

Precinct 7: Davis Street Christian Church, 202 S. Davis St.

Precinct 8: Ottumwa Baptist Temple Church, 238 W. Williams St.

Precinct 9: Bible Baptist Church, 944 W. Williams St.

Precinct 10: Camelot Towers, 827 Albia Road

Polling locations for the surrounding communities include:

Agency: Agency Community Center, 102 W. Main St.

Blakesburg: Blakesburg City Hall, 101 State St.

Chillicothe: Chillicothe City Hall, 201 Main St.

Eddyville: Eddyville Public Library, 202 Second St.

Eldon: Eldon Library Hall, 608 W. Elm St.

Kirkville: Kirkville City Hall, 101 W. Main St.

Eligible voters

To vote in a regular city election, one must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age and a registered voter in the county in which one lives, you must also reside in the city in which you are voting.

To register on Election Day, you must show ID that includes a current and valid photo ID with the expiration date and proof of residence in the precinct where you live.

Acceptable forms of ID include an Iowa driver's license, Iowa non-driver ID, driver's license from another state, U.S. passport, U.S. military ID, ID from your employer or Iowa high school or college student ID.

Proof of residence, if your photo ID doesn't have your current address, includes residential lease, property tax statement, utility bill (including a cell phone bill), bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document.

If you don't have proper ID, a registered voter in the same precinct may attest for you.