The Ottumwa Courier

June 14, 2013

Treat yourself to fried Jell-O

Courier Staff Writer

---- — ELDON — As I walked past the vendor booths at the Wapello County Fair this week, two words caught my eye — Fried Jell-O.

Yes, you read that right. Welcome to the wonderful world of fair food.

At Dave and Brenda Cox's vendor stand Friday, Leah Hallgren was manning the fryer. She explained that the Martinsdale couple had decided to try something a little different. Butter's been done. Oreos are old hat. Everyone's had corn dogs, fries and pickles.

So they put together a secret combination of Jell-O, strawberries and a cake mix/funnel cake batter. While I was expecting a square of jiggling gelatin wrapped in breading, this batter mixture is dropped straight into the fryer. Hallgren showed me the industrial-sized container it was created in while the ice cream scoops of batter floated in the oil.

After browning up, the batter becomes very much like a doughnut ball but softer and fruitier. They'll even sprinkle it with powdered sugar for that special, sweet touch. It's the perfect treat for nibbling on while touring the rest of the fair.