The Ottumwa Courier

May 14, 2013

Redistricting does not change IHCC trustee districts

Courier staff writer

---- — OTTUMWA — Though there are several big changes coming at The Hills, some things remain the same.

One of the things that remains steady, said Indian Hills Community College President Jim Lindenmayer, is the Redistricting Survey.

"This is done periodically to reflect changes in census data and the shifts in population," Lindenmayer told the college board of trustees this week.

They needed to know about it because the survey was about them. How many people does each trustee represent in their district and what would a map of those districts show are two of the questions state law requires an answer to. Unlike recent redistricting done for local representatives to Washington and Des Moines, these changes are small.

"Some districts got a little smaller, some a little bigger," said Lindenmayor. "The board secretary has called to verify that each trustee still lives in their district."

Essentially, he reported, there was no change. That means the next president, Marlene Sprouse, should take over the job with the same "supportive board" Lindenmayer said he's appreciated over the years.

That's not to say the college doesn't want any changes. Improvements are a type of change, and those continue.

One major project will result in a more modern and more solid structure at the Hellyer Student Life Center.

"The way the building was designed," Lindenmayer said, "allows rainwater to pour onto that entryway."

So much water that the drain at the two entry doors out front does not catch all the water. So not only does it get wet or icy, water seeps through into the building. Over the years, he said, it's been soaking a structural girder. That girder is still sound, but it would be better not to have water pouring into their building.

Director of Maintenance Rick Fosdyck told the board that a new, glassed-in entryway was scheduled to be built. The job could be done in about three months and cost around $200,000. The new entryway includes other design elements, including a ticket booth.

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