The Ottumwa Courier

February 11, 2014

Monday set a pair of weather records

Ottumwa Courier

OTTUMWA — Yes, Ottumwa, Monday was indeed a record-breaking day. Two records, in fact.

The National Weather Service says Monday’s low of -13 was lower than any previously recorded temperature for Feb. 10. And it broke the old mark by several degrees. The former record, -10, was set in multiple years and most recently in 1982.

The other record is more obscure. Monday’s high of only 3 degrees was the lowest high temperature for the date. It isn’t technically a new record, but it tied the old mark set in 1905, more than a century ago.

The good news? Things are about to warm up. Thursday’s high is expected to be in the upper 30s. Friday will fall back into the mid-20s, but it will be a short relapse. Saturday’s high should be back in the upper 30s. By Monday temperatures should start reaching the low 40s.

Assuming nothing changes, Thursday will be the first time this month that Ottumwa temperatures will be above freezing.