The Ottumwa Courier

July 30, 2013

July wraps with cool weather

Ottumwa Courier

OTTUMWA — July is wrapping up with a very different look than in 2012, at least in terms of temperature. Rainfall wasn't as different as might be expected.

As of Tuesday, Ottumwa had received 1.44 inches of rain for the month. That's 67 percent below normal. But it's still about a half-inch better than in 2013.

The big difference is in temperature. July is, on average, the hottest month of the year. There were no days above 100 degrees this month and, unless forecasters are off by miles in their forecast for Wednesday, there won't be.

Compare that to 2012, when there were five days above 100. The biggest difference is in the days where the thermometer hit 90 degrees or higher. There were 23 such days in July 2012, but only eight this year.

In fact, this July is the coolest since 2010, when records show it only hit 90 degrees three times.

Ottumwa had three record low temperatures during the month, but it was a long way from the coldest spot in the state. That belongs to Battle Creek, in northwestern Iowa, where Sunday's low of 39 degrees was the coldest and Iowa July since 1984.

The cool weather looks like it will stick around for a while. Temperatures are expected to remain in the upper 70s to low 80s until at least the middle of next week.