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May 29, 2013

American is more than its economy

Ottumwa Courier

---- — America is more

than its economy

America is strong, unique and a one-of-a-kind nation. It’s because of our freedoms that people from all over the world seek to come HERE. America is the greatest county the world has ever seen. It is not perfect, but it has stood strong in the force of evil. America’s people have shed blood and died for the rest of the world. When the world needed us, we were there.

America is much more than its economy. The economy throughout history has had its ups and downs, but American’s backbone (determination) has stood strong. Now we have national leaders who identify themselves as “citizens” of the world. Our elected leaders are not loyal to our people, our constitution or our country. Our leaders want a common world currency and to make America a lesser being. However, WE THE PEOPLE of this great country are not lesser beings. WE are the country that the rest of the world looks to when they need food, protection, new technology or help after natural disasters. Peoples from all over the world have flocked to America to afford them and their family safety and a better life. Yes, we are unique, and I pray that our county and our people can survive.

Our leaders are not good stewards of our county. They use our economy (economic crisis as they call it) as a reason to change America to a lesser country by attacking the ideologies and democracy that made us strong! Apathetic Americans, wake up to the dangerous direction our leaders are so quickly transitioning our country. WE THE PEOPLE need to look our elected officials in the eye, not blink and remind them that WE are the government.

WE need to stop this madness before it totally destroys our children’s future. Be you Democrat or Republican, it’s time to join our souls and our voices to save OUR country.

God Bless America!

Mike Hodoly


Lemonade stand

unfairly targeted

Recently, my kids and their friends wanted to have a lemonade stand at our home on North Court Street. This is something we do very often and have for the last five years since we moved here.

A police officer showed up informing us that someone had called them to complain that the lemonade stand should be shut down because my kids were selling FOOD ITEMS (peanuts). They were also selling lemonade, water, sodas and snow cones. I don’t know why someone would be so ugly in their hearts to call the police to shut down a CHILDREN’S lemonade stand, but I am sure those individuals must not have a very happy life. Side note — the children were raising money for the Heartland Humane Society and raised $75, and we purchased dog and cat food and treats, which were handed out to every dog.

This letter is to tell readers that we will be having another lemonade stand on June 1 with all proceeds going to the people of Moore, Okla., due to the tornado tragedy. There will be NO cost for any item. It will be donation only, and everything will go to the Moore Public School Foundation.

Let’s see how big of a turnout we can get and show people that Ottumwa IS a great town full of wonderful people.

Stephanie Maggio


Kudos to Ottumwa

Park camp hosts

Kudos to whoever hired the camp hosts (Mary and Rich) for Ottumwa Park. They made us feel welcome from the moment we pulled in.

You can tell they are very hard workers and take pride in what they do. The entire park was very clean, and the showers stayed clean even with the wet weekend. They made camp checks throughout the weekend, which made you feel comfortable. This is a clean, family environment.

Thank you, Mary and Rich, for fun, even in the rain.

Gary and Terri Bergman