The Ottumwa Courier

June 19, 2012

Aftermath of storm shows our true spirit

Our Opinion

Ottumwa Courier

OTTUMWA — The storm that pounded Ottumwa Saturday is a reminder of Mother Nature’s fury — something most Iowans are well aware of. However, the aftermath of the weekend storm also showcased the generous spirit southern Iowans are known for across the country.

Neighbor helping neighbor, volunteers helping strangers or loaning their chainsaws and other equipment to help in the cleanup efforts. That’s typical here in our corner of the state.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but this week’s heat, coupled with cleanup efforts and in some cases, remaining power outages, means safety is still an important issue.

Ottumwans should make sure those without power, especially the elderly and household pets, are protected from the heat.

Those cleaning up debris should be sure to keep hydrated and take frequent breaks to avoid health complications from the soaring temperatures.

Summer begins Wednesday, and we hope it will prove to be a quiet, uneventful season.

But, of course, the weather in Iowa is always unpredictable, and we should all be vigilant in keeping up to date as to what’s going on and be prepared if extreme conditions should occur.

Be safe, watch over your neighbors and loved ones and know that southern Iowans will always be there for each other when the weather takes a turn for the worse.