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April 27, 2013

It's the death of a republic


Perhaps it’s only appropriate that legal justice personnel wear black robes as “black” if the traditional color of “mourning” — for The Death of a Republic.

Wendell E. Carr


Judicial system is out of whack

A 16-year-old African-American boy gets convicted for a crime he did not commit and spent years in prison. The judicial system finally got the person who committed the crime and let the black man out of prison without a “Sorry, Sir, we made a mistake” or anything.

A 70-year-old woman helps a couple for 10 months and gives them their checks they receive monthly. Pays the nursing home they live at, the couple dies, now the lady that was taking care of them has to pay $80,000 back to the state.

A 13-year-old boy goes for a Thanksgiving visit with his father and his father doesn’t bring him back, even though there is a court order. The mother can’t get any help from law enforcement, the judicial system, etc.

It is my opinion that our judicial system needs to be re-evaluated. Why do we have court orders if nobody wants to enforce them? If you are a law-abiding citizen and do what is spiritually and lawfully, you are the one that the judicial system DOES NOT HELP!

If the black man would have been white, would have have been convicted? Would the 70-year-old woman have to pay back $80,000 in restitution to the state if the people she took care of would have lived in their own home and not a nursing home? Was there a proper investigator in either case? NO!

As for the 13-year-old boy, he is now in A LOT of trouble because his father couldn’t and wouldn’t be a parent. Now the state is holding both father and mother accountable for the father’s non-parenting. Great system we have.

Barb Richmond


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