The Ottumwa Courier

September 2, 2013

Parks renovations on council agenda

Courier staff writer

---- — OTTUMWA — With summer at an end, work on getting the parks ready for next season can get started.

The city has several projects on its agenda for Tuesday, beginning with the camping area. RG Construction was the low bidder for paving 13 concrete camping slabs at the Ottumwa Park campground. The bid of $20,800 was the lowest of two bids the city received.

The general fund will cover the costs and work should be complete by the end of October. That's about the same time as work should wrap up on replacement of the Union Park shelter's floor.

That project is being awarded to Turner Concrete for $11,900. The company was the only one of four contractors the city solicited bids from to return a proposal. Included in the work is replacement of the concrete pedestals for the roof and replacement of an existing asphalt sidewalk with a concrete walkway.

Wildwood Park's Shelter No. 3 is also set to get a new floor. Turner Concrete is the recommended recipient of this project, as well, at a price of $8,500.

When complete, the shelter will have a slightly larger floor. The concrete will remain four inches thick, but instead of the current 40-by-20-foot area the shelter will have a 48-by-28-foot floor.

Work on Quincy Avenue is expected to begin this month if the city council approves the contract. The project covers reconstruction work from Highway 34 north to the city limits. Work is scheduled to start the second week of September.

Fye Excavating, Inc., bid $401,749 for the work. Capital improvements funding will cover $383,000 of the cost, but that falls short of the full cost. The city says two options exist for covering the rest. One is to reallocate funding from other projects, while the second is to add it to future CIP bonds.

Work will go down to the road's subgrade before reconstruction. The contract specifies 50 working days for completion of the project, with penalties of $600 per working day if it runs over.

The city has received a request to sell Lot Two at airport subdivision No. 5. The site isn't big, just 2.39 acres, but has been vacant for nearly a year. Joe Wiley has proposed purchase of the lot for operation of a semi-truck and trailer repair service.

The price for the lot is $225,000, which the city says is the appraised value of the lot. The sale requires a public hearing, which the council may set at the meeting.

A pair of promotions are also on the agenda.

The Ottumwa Police Department will fill a vacant position if the council approves promotion of Chad Farrington to lieutenant. Farrington has been with the department since 1998 and was promoted to sergeant in 2005. The position already exists, but it has been vacant since Tom McAndrew was promoted to police chief.

In the city's engineering department, Pete Curtis could be promoted to an engineering assistant. He has been an engineering aide since 2008.