The Ottumwa Courier

January 3, 2014

Marriages, Divorces and Land Transfers for Jan. 4, 2014

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Marriages

Dec. 18- Jan. 3

Nathaniel Lee Cartwright, of Ottumwa, to Rhianne Ann Ingles, of Ottumwa.

James Robert Collins, of Fremont, to Holly Lynn Phelps, of Fremont.

Colleen Irene Clark, of Ottumwa, to Jeremiah Scott Ashby, of Ottumwa.

Chelsea Marie Davidson, of Ottumwa, to Scott Allan Bainbridge, of Ottumwa.

Amber Renae Garr, of Ottumwa, to Jonathan Ray-Charles Meeker, of Ottumwa.

Kannesha Keair Nicole Nept, of Troy, AL, to La’Bresha Sheree Darden, of Montgomery, AL.

Melissa Sue Bitner, of Ottumwa, to Aaron Douglas Martin, of Ottumwa.

Ivan Wayne Thomas, of Douds, to Julie Lynne Campbell, of Douds.

Dennis W. Willhoit, of St. Louis, to David Orlando Nino-Liw, of St. Louis.

Tony Daniel Smith, of Drakesville, to Lisa Marie Knox, of Drakesville.

Kelsi Jo Keith, of Ottumwa, to Jake Lee Rusch, of Ottumwa.

Steven Michael Parry, of Lawrence, KS, to David Addison Charles, of Lawrence, KS.

David Ira Bunce, of Ottumwa, to Diana Lynn Fligg Wright, of Ottumwa.

Justin Ray Clark, of Ottumwa, to Shannon Christine Dyer, of Ottumwa.

Jennifer Lynn Carr, of Ottumwa, to David James Monroe, of Ottumwa.

Thomas Richard Lee, of Ottumwa, to Zelda Maxine Lee Kirfman, of Ottumwa.

Jacob Riley Davis, of Agency, to Heather Ann Voigt, of Agency.

Caleb Joshua Kildow, of Ottumwa, to Michelle Renee Fuhs, of Ottumwa.

Clayton Matthew LaPoint, of Yuma, AZ, to Megan Elizebeth Elaine Thompson, of Ottumwa.

Hugo Adrian Borjon Martinez, of Ottumwa, to Jessica Vilma Ghotra, of Ottumwa.

Taylor Renee Steffen, of Bettendorf, to Mikel Bryn Simplot, of Bettendorf.

Sara Lyn McElhinney, of Ottumwa, to Danny Lyn Kirby, of Ottumwa.

Cher LeRee Luffy-Casillas, of Ottumwa, to Keith Lamont Whaley, of Ottumwa.

Jeffrey Warren DeRouen, of New Orleans, to Carlo John Bau Manalansan, of New Orleans.

Devan Leroy White, of Ottumwa, to Elizabeth Rose DesPlangues, of Ottumwa.

Robert Carl Beary, of Albia, to Tammy Lynn Reed, of Albia.

—Information provided by the Wapello County Recorder’s Office.


Dec. 18- Jan. 3

Amanda Kay Batterson from Joseph Michael Batterson.

Lura Marlene Meyers from William Lee Meyers Sr.

Roger Ellis Cary from Joni Rae Cary.

Kenneth Edward Spilman from Pamela Ruth Spilman

Erin Michelle Fox from John Warren Osborne Jr.

—Information provided by the Wapello County Clerk of Court’s Office.

Land Transfers

Dec. 17

Doris Pauline Roberts to Felisa F. and Jose Magana Jr, 1943 Richmond Ave., $54,000 to $54,500.

Susan E. and Reid Stempel as co-trustees for the Reid Elden Stempel and Susan Emma Stempel Joint Revocable Trust to Thomas L. and Marjorie L. Johnson, bare land in Wapello County, $44,000 to $44,500.

Matthew Paul R. Estate to L&M Rentals LLC with Jo Ellen Strunk as executor, 168 N. Moore St., $25,000 to $25,500.

Kay J. Livingston to L. Gevock & Sons LLC, 12490 Copperhead Rd., $204,800 to $205,300.

Jose A. and Martha Soto to Mark Anthony Williams, 522 S. Ransom St., $56,000 to $56,500.

John E. and Sharman K. Handling to Yolanda Mendoza Rodriguez, lot 13 in Grandview Heights Second Addition, $61,000 to $61,500.

Dec. 18

Andrew W. Hansen to Charles P. and Darci J. Hammer, 30 Pinehurst Circle, $425,000 to $425,500.

John W. and Jeanette Truman Family Trust to Cole M. Bainbridge, 1515 Mowrey Ave., $57,500 to $58,000.

Dec. 19

Farmers Bank of Northern MO. To John e. Johnston, 507 S. Third St., Eddyville, $2,500 to $3,000.

Matt Myers to Randy L. Myers, 108 N. Willard St., $36,000 to $36,500.

Charles E. Leonard Jr. to Brian Leonard, 210 N. Caldwell St., $3,000 to $3,500.

Dec. 20

Kelly Reed Real Estate LLC to Nicolas Sanchez Balbuena and Maria Alvarez de Sanchez, 451 Anna St., $24,000 to $24,500.

Ric Nanc Developments LLC to Maria Esmeralda Rios, lot 88 in H.T. Baker’s First Addition to the City of Ottumwa, $39,900 to $40,400.

Patrick T. and Jan Cruzen to Russell N. and Marilee J. McGee, 18445 Kirkville Rd., Eddyville, $229,000 to $229,500.

Daniel C. and Petrina J. Palen to Ashley Albrecht, 919 E. Mary St., $53,000 to $53,500.

Linda Randall to Ana C. Romero Mendoza, 526 Leighton St., $115,900 to $116,400.

Yogi and Amanda Baird to William Thomas Paul Martin, 121 S. Webster St., $62,000 to $62,500.

MW Livestock INC to Matthew J. Meyers, 20475 Bluegrass Rd., $90,000 to $90,500.

Robert and Michelle Miklesh to IRA Services Trust Company CFBO Rockne Lehi Biegel IRA 419308, vacant land in Wapello County, $185,000 to $185,500.

Dec. 26

Roger Batterson Estate with David Eric Batterson as Executor to John Tauchen, 14007 Commissary Drive, $31,000 to $31,500.

Dec. 27

Ruth Fowler Sisson Estate by Lynda Sisson Moreland as Executor to Elhoussine Bout and Ilham Drif, 219 Grandview Ave., $90,000 to $90,500.

James R. Carr to Peggy Bailey, 314 N. Green St., $21,000 to $21,500.

Paul J. and Angella J. Veenstra to William Thomas Paul Martin, 221 Benton St., $35,000 to $35,500.

Dec. 30

John E. and Sharman K. Handling to Stephenie L. E. Welch, part of block 14 in West Ottumwa, an addition to the City of Ottumwa, $56,000 to $56,500.

Hila Fay Moore Estate with James S. Moore, Theresa L. Hamsa and Nicolette F. Moore as Co-Executors to Andrew Weller, 424 Osceola St., $79,000 to $79,500.

Richard C. Durflinger Estate to Thomas J. Durflinger, 5153 14th St. and adjacent farmland, Eldon, $405,870 to $406,370.

Richard C. Durflinger Estate to Shephen and Janice Durflinger, unimproved land in Wapello County, $408,000 to $408,500.

Reid Elden and Susan Emma Stempel Joint Revocable Trust with Reid E. and Susan E. Stempel as Co-Trustees to Brock A. and Teresa A. Halstead, bare land in Wapello County, $111,000 to $111,500.

Dec. 31

Ottumwa Medical Clinic INC to MBGLEN Company LCC, 1005 E. Pennsylvania Ave., $9,290,000 to $9,290,500.

Reid Elden and Susan Emma Stempel Joint Revocable Trust with Reid E. and Susan E. Stempel as Co-Trustees to Leanne Shehan and Gary Reinhard, bare land in Wapello County, $66,000 to $66,500.

Thomas J. and Tina K. Young to Kenton J. Allen, 825 S. Adella St., $69,900 to $70,400.

Charles E. Vande Noord to Sandra C. McDonald, 312 S. Elm St., $35,000 to $35,500.

Sheryl and David North to TENCO Industries INC, commercial land in Wapello County, $46,500 to $47,000.

Jeremy and Ashley Frueh to Lisa Van Klavern, 1221 Jay St., $142,000 to $142,500.

Louise Shadley to DNR Properties LLC, $33,000 to $33,500.

Jan. 2

Janelle Burger to Michele Purdue, 424 Grandview Ave., $58,000 to $58,500.

—Information provided by the Wapello County Recorder’s Office.