The Ottumwa Courier

March 26, 2014

Marriages, Divorces and Land Transfers for March 27, 2014

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Marriages

March 5-26

Helen Ora Lynch, of Springfield, Mo., to Amanda Christine Wright, of Springfield, Mo.

Toni Marie Counterman, of Ottumwa, to Charles Michael Ives, of Ottumwa.

Renzo Emmanuel Martinez Lopez, of Ottumwa, to Diana Leticia Mosqueda Mendez, of Ottumwa.

Tamara Michelle Thompson, of Ottumwa, to Troy Edgar DeWitt, of Ottumwa.

Jeffrey Alan Peyton, of Ottumwa, to Beth Kathleen Davis, of Ottumwa.

James Robert Jackson Jr., of Ottumwa, to Tonya Lynn Chambers, of Ottumwa.

Tina Marie Long, of Columbia, Mo., to Blaga Nikolova Ivanova, of Columbia, Mo.


March 5-26

Tabitha Anne Armstrong from Kyle Dean Armstrong.

Vanessa Rae Johnson from Scott Randall Johnson.

Jamie Ryan Dewees from Shirley Jean Skinner.

Janelle R. Baskett from Kristopher Charles Baskett.

Vicki Linn Harris from Wayne Arthur Goodvin.

Kim Lindsey from Rick Delmer Lindsey.

Land Transfers

March 4

Martha Jane Chisman to Shawn and Melanie Paulk, 402 Elmdale Avenue, $95,000 to $95,500.

March 5

Kathleen R. Tullis to Scott R. and Laura M. Garrett, 1416 Bluegrass Road, $135,000 to $135,500.

March 6

Michael and Susan Terrell to Michelle and Jeffrey Shepherd, 10067 100th St., $54,590 to $55,090.

Todd D. and Barbara T. Phillips to James T. and Carolyn M. Bollman, vacant land, $46,368 to $46,868.

March 7

Dean E. and Jane E. Garrison to Kathryn L. Zaputil, 5561 Lake Rd., $130,000 to $130,500.

Richard Hulley and Dorothy Drees to Paige Clark, 825 W. Third St., $5,555 to $6,055.

March 10

Kenneth L. and Yvonne M. DeWitt to Earl Bruce, Eric and Jenny Klyn, vacant land, $227,500 to $228,000.

Michael E. and Shanna Conley to Clint L. and Melissa A. Neis, 6288 Madison Ave., $122,000 to $122,500.

Betty J. Stromgren to Frankie D. Gee, 1604 Richmond Ave., $40,000 to $40,500.

Lawrence D. and Louise M. Kitterman to D. Allan Forsythe and Julie A. Engle, 503 Minneopa Ave., $119,750 to $120,250.

Brian Keck to Elizabeth Kenyon, 126 E. Pennsylvania Ave., $55,000 to $55,500.

March 11

Tanya L. and Martyn D. Phillips, 110 N. Schuyler St., $92,500 to $93,000.

David Turner to James Michael Weber, 1215 S. Webster St., $185,000 to $185,500.

Kathryn Zaputil to Kyle M. Ward, 110 W. Mary St., $57,000 to $57,500.

Nancy J. Swope to Art and Rachel Dalziel, vacant land, $95,000 to $95,500.

Trenton C. Mull to Dixie Leon, 1716 Locust St., $10,000 to $10,500.

Cora Lee and Richard J. Widmar to Daniel and Bethany Martin, 1840 Richmond Ave., $65,000 to $65,500.

March 13

The Kim E. Walter Trust to Alexandra J. Moni and Adam J. Lunt, 201 Hawthorne Dr., $170,000 to $170,500.

Charles P. and Darci J. Hammer to Steven W. and Megan M. Wetrich, 57 Schwartz Dr., $204,500 to $205,000.

March 17

James Vance Estate to Dwight E. and Mary L. Lobberect, 708 Mill St., $59,000 to $59,500.

Shawn Allen and Staci Lynn Adam to Ronald Newquist, Parcel A in 28-72-12, Wapello County, $16,360.27 to $16,860.27.

March 18

John A. and Terresa A. Sholes to Paul A. and Debra L. Kortman, 406 S. Webster St., $53,500 to $54,000.

Lisa and Edward Black to Dixie and Jesus Leon, 1139 S. Madison Ave., $10,000 to $10,500.

Arthur F. and Frances Gruber to Tammy L. Clifton, 108 Osceola Ave., $78,000 to $78,500.

Edward E. and Andrea R. McDowell to Jeremy and Lisa McDowell, 521 S. Moore St., $59,000 to $59,500.

March 19

Dolly and Jerry Blomgren to Sharon F. James, 1401 Elm St., $50,000 to $50,500.

Tammy L. and Steven W. Clifton to Jordan E. and Jennifer P. Powell, 547 Leighton St., $158,000 to $158,500.