The Ottumwa Courier

August 23, 2013

Marriages, divorces, land transfers Aug. 12-16, 2013

Ottumwa Courier

---- — Marriages

Kelsey Rae Sieren, of Ottumwa, to Joseph WIlliam Warren, of Ottumwa.

Leanna June Hite, of Ottumwa, to Jordan Everett Tichy, of Ottumwa.

Michelle Faye Myers, of Ottumwa, to Edward Brian Ortell, of Ottumwa.

Stacie Marie Cobler, of Ottumwa, to Scott Allen Mason, of Ottumwa.

Ramen Dale Julin, of Ottumwa, to Emily Anne Wolf, of Ottumwa.

Ruben Guajardo, of Commanche, Okla., to Joseph Arthur Slack, of Commanche, Okla.

Jason Warren Jones, of Lancaster, Penn., to John Joseph Carbon, of Lancaster, Penn.

— Information provided by the Wapello County Recorder's Office.


Aug. 12-16

Samantha Jo Johnson from Tylor James Lewman

Rebecca Elaine Brown from Daniel Lee Penrod

Judith Mae Lynn from Hugh W. Anderson

Bobbi Jo Hart from Todd Dewayne Hart

— Information provided by the Wapello County Clerk of Court's Office.

Land Transfers

Aug. 12

Douglas J. and Roxanne Anderson to Brett McElwaine, 376 Lynwood Ave., $129,000 to $129,500.

Terrah A. Stevens to Alicia M. Moss and Adam L. Moode, 15208 Blackhawk Road, $100,000 to $100,500.

David H. and Rebecca Ann Jones to James W. Mefford, 802 N. Fifth St., $122,500 to $123,000.

Aug. 13

Crystal D. Doud to Joseph W. and Kelly L. Schulz, 708 Chester Ave., $40,000 to $40,500.

Aug. 14

Karla J. Moore to Dale Ray Moore, 204 Prospect, Kirkville, $40,000 to $40,500.

Brandon M. and Johna L. Sereg to Aimee L. and Jonathan A. Jackson, 209 Bonita Ave., $105,000 to $105,500.

Aug. 15

Soledad Galan-Valezquez Estate with Anna Ryan and Carmen Riehm to Donald E. Adams Jr. and Connie J. Adams, 115 Deppe Lane, $145,000 to $145,500.

Aug. 16

Daniel F. and Lisa A. Noe to James R. and Dana L. Parrish, 43 Schwartz Drive, $184,500 to $185,000.

Reyna I. Canas-Reyes to Ricardo Corona Baeza, 1305 E. Second St., $68,000 to $68,500.

— Information provided by the Wapello County Recorder's Office.