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November 25, 2013

Reversal of Fortune: Second-ranked Warriors wipe away halftime deficit against West Plains

Courier sports writer

---- — OTTUMWA — Several calls are made by officials in the course of a basketball game. Several calls are disputed by coaches and players.

Rarely, however, do players or coaches see a call reversed in their favor.

So when IHCC sophomore Roderick Bobbitt was called for a charge early in the second half Saturday night during a 97-84 win over Missouri State-West Plains, the pleading wasn’t directed at the officials. After being called for what would have been his fourth foul of the game and his team facing its largest deficit of the season, Bobbitt instead pleaded with his head coach not to take him out of the Bowling R.V. Classic finale.

“I was just asking (Coach) Peery not to take me out. I wanted to try and play through it,” Bobbitt said.

Bobbitt wouldn’t need to worry about playing with four fouls, however. After a brief discussion, the officials overturned the call, instead of whistling a blocking foul on Missouri State-West Plains. Instead of sitting on the bench with four fouls, Bobbitt went to the free throw line to complete a three-point play.

Those would be the first three points in a game-changing 19-2 run for the Warriors, who overcame their first double-digit deficit of the season. Indian Hills scored 40 of the next 57 points against the Grizzlies after an Arroyo Edwards' jumper put MSU-West Plains up 47-37.

Less than four minutes later, IHCC (7-0) had the lead back as the Warriors scored 60 points in the second half for the second-straight night. By far and away, it was the Warriors toughest win to date.

But who knows how it would have turned out if not for the good fortune of a rare reversed call.

“You normally just see refs that will talk it over, but you never see the call switched,” sophomore Marcus Posley said. “That’s the dream of every player, but it was really a great call by the refs to overturn it. It was great job by Roderick to get that basket while getting fouled. It really shows what kind of a player he is.”

Nobody was as surprised as Bobbitt, who was IHCC’s only scorer in double figures at the time of the call with 11 points. On the way to a season-high 28-point night, the Warrior guard seemed just as reenergized as the rest of his teammates after learning of the reversed call.

“At first, I was right there listening to them. Then, they kind of walked off and talked,” Bobbitt said of the officials. “They had their conversation, then they went over to the scorer’s table and changed the call.”

Indian Hills head coach Barret Peery, however, didn’t want to put too much stock in one call making the difference in the second-ranked Warriors seventh-straight win.

“Honestly, I don’t know much about the call and I don’t think that’s what won or lost the game for us,” Peery said. “I think our guys did what they had to coming out of the locker room to change the game. That momentum that we created with our play overall in the second half was the story of how we won this game.”

Before the call, however, MSU-West Plains had rocked the Warriors in a way no team early in this season has managed to yet. The Grizzlies overcame an 11-2 start by IHCC, chipping away at the deficit until a late surge heading into the locker room sent West Plains into the half with a stunning 45-37 lead.

“You gain momentum and you gain confidence when you start hitting shots,” Peery said. “(West Plains) shot 50 percent in the first half and we were only shooting at (27) percent. It was a case where we had to learn how to win without at times making pretty baskets.”

Things didn’t start any better as the Grizzlies scored seconds into the second half on Edwards’ jumper. Bobbitt then attacked the rim, but was initially called for a charge as he made contact with a Grizzly defender while putting in a layup.

After discussing it further, however, Bobbitt was given credit for drawing a blocking foul. That not only kept Bobbitt in the game, but gave a basket over and a foul to the IHCC sophomore. The 3-point play brought IHCC back to within 47-40.

“That’s really where the momentum switched,” Bobbitt said. “We just had to keep our feet on the gas pedal.”

Posley stole the ensuing inbounds pass and quickly found Queyvn Winters at the top of the key. His 3-pointer jumper bounced around the rim before falling in as IHCC suddenly had the lead down to 47-43.

The Warrior guards continued the sudden surge. Medford and Posley each turned steals into fast-break layups at the other end with Posley scoring a game-tying and go-ahead basket during a 10-0 run that gave IHCC the lead for good.

“We took defense much more seriously in the second half. That was not Warrior basketball in the first half,” Posley said after a 13-point effort on Saturday and an overall 35-point showing in the two-game Bowling R.V. Classic. “That just shows our character as a team. We were able to overcome adversity and play through it. We just kept lifting each other up as a team.”

“I’m glad my teammates played hard. I’m proud of myself for playing hard as well,” Bobbitt added after getting six of the Warriors 13 steals against the Grizzlies. “We came out, responded and got the win.”

Missouri State-West Plains did what they could to answer back after IHCC had turned a double-digit deficit into a double-digit lead in less than 10 minutes. Sophomore Devaughtah Williams scored a team-high 23 points while Jonathan Tshibuy earned 12 of his 19 points from the foul line to help the Grizzlies (6-3) pull within seven points.

Back-to-back baskets with another inbounds steal by Qiydar Davis and a five-point flurry from Majok Deng helped the Warriors double that advantage by the end of the game. Akolda Manyang capped the tournament on the defensive end in style, swatting a season-high seven blocked shots as IHCC finished the weekend with 16 blocks as a team.

“Our guys did a good job scoring 60 points two-straight nights coming out of the locker room,” Peery said. “The guys overcame some adversity this weekend, which is good for us. We had to win a little bit ugly, but the guys figured out a way to outscore a quality team by 21 points in the second half.”

The comeback win may have been exactly what the second-ranked Warriors needed as they leave the friendly confines of the Hellyer Center for the first time this season. Before heading to Florida for the Thanksgiving Weekend Northwest Florida State Classic, IHCC will look to snap the 20-game home court winning streak of sixth-ranked (DII) Iowa Lakes tonight in Estherville at 7 p.m.

“We’ve got a whole set of problems with the three opponents we’ve got on the road next week,” Peery said. “Iowa Lakes should feel confident going in having won their last 20 home games. We’re going to have to be tough. We’re going to have to be energetic, but I think we’ve proved this weekend we can come together despite some adversity and still come out on top.”

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Saturday’s Game


MSUWP 45 39 — 84

IHCC 37 60 — 97

Missouri State-West Plains (84) — Devaughntah Williams 23, Jonathan Tshibuy 19, Arroyo Edwards 15, Jameel Moore 7, Justin Jamison 6, Jeremiah Jackson 5, Malik London 5, Ed Seay, Jr. 4. Totals 25-61 29-42 84.

3-point goals — 5-11 (Edwards 2-3, Moore 1-1, Tshibuy 1-2, Williams 1-2, Jackson 0-1, Seay, Jr. 0-2). Fouled out — Jamison. Rebounds — 42 (Seay, Jr. 9, Tshibuy 9, London 8, Williams 6, Lukasz Bonarek 3, Jackson 3, Jamison 3, Moore). Assists — 23 (Williams 5, Edwards 4, Moore 4, Tshibuy 3, Bonarek, Craig Eubanks, Jackson, Jamison, London, Isiah Rogers, Seay, Jr.). Steals — 7 (Bonarek, Jackson, Jamison, Moore, Seay, Jr., Tshibuy, Williams). Blocks — 3 (Bonarek, Jamison, London). Total fouls — 24. Turnovers — 20.

Indian Hills (97) — Roderick Bobbitt 28, Lester Medford 16, Marcus Posley 13, Quevyn Winters 13, Qiydar Davis 7, Akolada Manyang 6, Jordan Washington 6, Majok Deng 5, Roosevelt Scott, Malik Dime 1. Totals 33-72 27-41 97.

3-point goals — 4-17 (Deng 1-2, Bobbitt 1-3, Williams 1-5, Posley 1-6, Scott 0-1). Fouled out — Manyang. Rebounds — 41 (Manyang 7, Bobbitt 6, Posley 6, Winters 6, Medford 5, Washington 5, Deng 3, Davis, Dime, Scott). Assists — 28 (Medford 9, Bobbitt 8, Manyang 3, Deng 2, Dime 2, Posley, Scott, Washington, Winters). Steals — 13 (Bobbitt 6, Medford 2, Posley 2, Davis, Deng, Scott). Blocks — 8 (Manyang 7, Dime). Total fouls — 29 (Technicals – Bobbitt). Turnovers — 11.

Friday’s Game


Barton 24 56 — 80

IHCC 38 69 — 107

Barton (80) — Tyler Corley 20, Isaac Williams 18, Darryln Johnson 11, Darius Gibson 8, Raheem Johnson 6, Darius Bean 5, Christian Smith 4, Montrell McKenzie 3, Travell Robinson 2, Trey Unrau 2, Deriece Parks 1. Totals 27-70 21-36 80.

3-point goals — 5-21 (Williams 4-8, Bean 1-2, Gibson 0-1, Smith 0-1, Corley 0-3, Parks 0-3, Unrau 0-3). Fouled out — R. Johnson. Rebounds — 48 (Gibson 7, R. Johnson 7, Williams 7, McKenzie 6, Parks 6, D. Johnson 5, Corley 3, Bean 2, Unrau 2, Rashawn Walker 2, Smith). Assists — 16 (Corley 4, Gibson 3, Parks 2, Smith 2, Williams 2, Tyler Chambers, Robinson, Unrau). Steals — 6 (Corley 3, Bean, Gibson, Williams). Blocks — 0. Total fouls — 29. Turnovers — 23.

Indian Hills (107) — Marcus Posley 18, Roosevelt Scott 15, Malik Dime 10, Lester Medford 10, Quevyn Winters 10, Roderick Bobbitt 8, Qiydar Davis 8, Majok Deng 8, James Harris, Jr. 7, Akolda Manyang 7, Jordan Washington 6. Totals 34-75 26-46 107.

3-point goals — 13-37 (Posley 5-8, Scott 2-5, Bobbitt 2-6, Winters 2-9, Davis 1-3, Deng 1-3, Dawud Salaam 0-1, Medford 0-2). Fouled out — Davis. Rebounds — 53 (Dime 9, Deng 7, Winters 7, Scott 6, Washington 6, Harris, Jr. 5, Bobbitt 4, Manyang 3, Posley 3, Davis 2, Salaam). Assists — 28 (Medford 6, Posley 5, Scott 4, Winters 4, Deng 3, Davis 2, Harris, Jr. 2, Dime, Washington). Steals — 12 (Scott 3, Bobbitt 2, Posley 2, Davis, Deng, Harris, Jr., Washington, Winters). Blocks — 8 (Dime 5, Davis, Deng, Posley). Total fouls — 26 (Technicals – Dime). Turnovers — 17.