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April 7, 2013

Bulldogs finish third at 'Top Gun' tourney

Courier sports staff
The Ottumwa Daily Courier

---- — WATERLOO — The Ottumwa girls tennis team took on some top competition on Saturday as they headed north to participate in the Top Gun Tournament in Waterloo, hosted by Waterloo Columbus. The Bulldogs posted 20 team points to finish third at the tourney. Cedar Rapids Kennedy won with 32 points while Columbus came up with 25. Decorah came in behind Ottumwa’s 20 points with 12.

The Bulldogs had four third-place finishes in singles action, while Katie Zingg came away with a first-place finish at No. 6 singles. In doubles action, Ottumwa’s No. 3 doubles team of Zingg and Beth Overturf placed first, while the No. 1 doubles team of Kelsey Granneman and Jennifer Klodt took third and the No. 2 doubles team of Hayli Beeson and Sydney Grooms also placed third.

“I was happy with the weekend’s outcome,” said Ottumwa girls tennis coach Emily Phommachack. “The girls are beginning to not only play tennis, but to develop their own individual strategy against their opponents.”

Granneman, Ottumwa’s top singles seed, took a win over Decorah’s Brianna Carolan to earn third place. Klodt, at No. 2 singles, tied Decorah’s Maddie Grimm to earn third.

“Kelsey had strong and solid strokes throughout the day,” said Phommachack. “We have definitely seen improvement in her shots. Jennifer did a great job of rallying with her opponents. She fought hard and had long points and games.”

Zingg, at No. 6 singles, took wins over Grace Olmstead of Columbus, Emily Alcock of Decorah and Lindsey Rutz of Kennedy to earn the top spot at that seed. Grooms needed a win over Decorah’s Laura Munkel to earn third at No. 4, Jill Ardueser downed Decorah’s Kinsie Whitehill to earn third at No. 5 while Beeson took three tough losses at the No. 3 seed, still good enough for third place.

“Hayli’s serve was spot on, and she placed balls at the net,” said Phommachack. “Sydney’s ground strokes allowed her to make her opponents work hard for their points, while Jill had a really great day overall. She was aggressive, she approached the net from good angles and her serving was great.”

The Bulldogs are back in action today, with a dual at Burlington.

Top Gun Tennis Tournament

At Byrnes Park, Waterloo

Saturday, April 6

TEAM STANDINGS - 1. Cedar Rapids Kennedy 32; 2. Waterloo Columbus 25; 3. Ottumwa 20; 4. Decorah 12.


#1 - Lindsay McGonegle (C) def. Brianna Carolan (Dec) 10-2; McGonegle (C) def. Kelsey Granneman (O) 9-3; Jessica Pedersen (CRK) def. McGonegle 11-1; Pedersen def. Granneman 10-2; Pedersen def. Carolan 12-0; Granneman def. Carolan 9-3.

#2 - Ashlee Sinnott (C) def. Jennifer Klodt (O) 9-3; Sinnott (C) def. Maddie Grimm (Dec) 11-1; Sarah Lasecky (CRK) def. Sinnott 7-5; Lasecky def. Grimm 12-0; Lasecky def. Klodt 12-0; Grimm tied Klodt 6-6.

#3 - Maggie Weber (C) def. Anna Riester (CRK) 10-2; Weber def. Haylie Beeson (O) 8-4; Claire Breitenstein (Dec) def. Weber 8-4; Breitenstein def. Riester 7-5; Breitenstein def. Beeson 9-3; Riester def. Beeson 9-3.

#4 - Carlie Sullivan (C) def. Laura Munkel (Dec) 10-2; Sullivan def. Sydney Grooms (O) 9-3; Marissa DonDiego (CRK) def. Sullivan 8-4; DonDiego def. Munkel 10-2; DonDiego tied Grooms 6-6; Grooms def. Munkel 7-5.

#5 - Haley Cannon (C) def. Jill Ardueser (O) 8-4; Cannon def. Katie Whitehill (Dec) 10-2; Hannah Krivit (CRK) def. Cannon 7-5; Krivit def. Whitehill 10-2; Ardueser def. Kinsie Whitehill 10-2.

#6 - Grace Olmstead (C) def. Emily Alcock (Dec) 10-2; Katie Zingg (O) def. Olmstead 7-5; Lindsey Rutz (CRK) def. Olmstead 8-4; Zingg def. Alcock 12-0; Zingg def. Rutz 7-5; Rutz def. Alcock 9-3.

DOUBLES - #1 - McGonegle/Sinnott (C) def. Carolan/Grimm (Dec) 11-1; Pedersen/Lasecki (CRK) def. Granneman/ Klodt (O) 11-0; Pedersen/Lasecki (CRK) def. McGonegle/Sinnott (C) 7-5; Granneman/Klodt (O) def. Carolan/Grimm (Dec) 8-4; McGonegle/Sinnott (C) def. Granneman/Klodt (O) 10-2.

#2 - Weber/Sullivan (C) def. Beeson/Grooms (O) 8-4; Weber/Sullivan (C) def. Breitenstein/Munkel (Dec) 7-5; DonDiego/Rutz (CRK) def. Weber/Sullivan (C) 7-5; DonDiego/Rutz (CRK) def. Breitenstein/Munkel (Dec) 9-3; DonDiego/Rutz (CRK) def. Beeson/Grooms (O) 8-4; Breitenstein/Munkel (Dec) tied Beeson/Grooms (O) 6-6.

#3 - Cannon/Olmstead (C) def. Ki.Whitehill/Alcock (Dec) 8-4; Cannon/Olmstead (C) tied Zingg/Overthurf (O) 6-6; Riester/Krivit (CRK) def. Cannon/Olmstead (C) 9-3; Riester/Krivit (CRK) def. Ki.Whitehill/Alcock (Dec) 7-5; Zingg/Overthurf (O) def. Riester/Krivik (CRK) 8-4; Zingg/Overthurf (O) def. Ki.Whitehill/Alcock 9-3.