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October 8, 2012

Ottumwa girls take first at Des Moines East Invitational

Courier sports staff
Ottumwa Courier

DES MOINES — Kelsey Howard didn’t  feel too good after she finished her run at the Des Moines East Invitational Thursday.

She had exerted a lot of energy fending off three Marshalltown girls who were hot on her trail at the end of the race.

“Those three Marshalltown girls were right behind and I was literally yelling ‘go Kelsey, go,’” coach Angela Chaney said.

And Howard did go, and her “go” was fast enough to stay in front of the three girls. Her exertions earned her a 13th place finish with a time of 18:27. But after the race, Howard was reeling from the effects of her extra effort, Chaney said.

Yet, afer the race, she was feeling the effects of her extra effort, the coach said.  Although she didn’t know it at the time, Howards’ extra effort would secure a first place finish for the Bulldogs.

When the points were tallied after the race, Ottumwa and Marshalltown were tied for first with 32 points. The winner would depend on how fast each squad’s sixth runner finished. The sixth runner for Ottumwa just happened to be Howard, while the Bobcats’ sixth runner was one of three girls behind her.

“We just won because you out-kicked those girls,” Chaney told Howard after the race.

The girls’ triumph also owed to the fact that the top 10 was occupied by four Bulldogs. Caroline Owens took second at the invite with 16:52 and Daylin Latham claimed third with 16:58. In addition, Charlette Flanders came in sixth with 17:39 and Sydney Strunk took ninth with 17:57.

“I was super-excited because I knew it was going to be a pretty close race,” Chaney said after the race. “I think it will be a great boost for our girls going into conference (meets).”

Also, Chaney said, beating Marshalltown   helps her team’s confidence because the Bobcats are one of the schools Ottumwa will see at districts. On the boy’s side, Cody McConnell and Charlie Altfillisch finished first and second in the race. McConnell claimed first with 16:33 and Altifillisch placed second with 17:03.

“Cody and Charlie, as they have all year, ran great,” coach Jeff Smith said.

Smith was especially impressed with Altifillisch’s performance.

“I thought he just ran spectacular,” she said.

The top two finishers, however, were not enough to gain Ottumwa a first place finish. The Bulldogs took second with a score of 47, five above Marshalltown, who finished first with 42.

 “We just had too big a gap between two and three and three and four and even four and five,” Smith said.

Collin McConnell claimed ninth with a personal best time of 18:18. Shane Riley came in 15th with 18:56 and Curtis Ford claimed 20th with 19:32.

“I think we are getting better and peaking at the right time of the season,” Smith said.

The Ottumwa cross country teams will compete in the CIML Metro Confeence Tuesday.

Des Moines East Invitational



Team scoring — Marshalltown 42; 2. Ottumwa 47; 3. Des Moines Lincoln 50; 4. Hoover 102, DM East 122.

Top Ten — 1. Cody McConnell 16:33; 2. Charlie Altfillisch 17:03; 3. Zach Wells (Marsh.) 17:11; 4. Aaron Havens (Lincoln) 17:23; 5. Ben Bourland (Hoover) 17:30; 6. Daniel Talbert (Marsh.) 17:42; 7. Sam McMichael (Linc.) 17:44; 8. Tanner Wood (Linc.) 18:13; 9. Collin McConnell 18:18; 10. Nestor Sanchez (Marsh.) 18:24

Ott. Runners — 1. Cody McConnell 16:33; 2. Altfillisch 17:03; 9. Collin McConnell 18:18; 15. Shane Riley 18:56; 20. Curtis Ford 19:32; 24. Sebastian Silva 20:04; 26. Billy Barnes 20:34.

Ottumwa Junior Varsity Runners — 5. Jianwa Bennett 19:32; 8. Isacc Ramos 20:09; 15. Isacc Goodman 20:39; 16. Riley Wynn 20:39; 17. Alex Ayala 20:34; 19. Seth White 21:01; 20. Nick Sedore 21:02; 23. Jared Bohlman 21:26; 25. Nick Sheehy 21:44; 29. Grant Gullion 23:46; 30. Wyatt Blegan 24:13.


Team scoring — 1. Ottumwa 32; 2. Marshalltown 32; 3. Hoover 102; 4. Lincoln 103; 5. DM East 111

Top Ten — 1. Rachel Blagg (M) 16:29; 2. Caroline Owens (O) 16:52; 3. Daylin Latham (O) 16:58; 4. Michaela Huey 17:20 (M); 5. Wynn Tan 17:26 (M); 6. Charlette Flanders (O) 17:39; 7. Audrey Klein (17:43 (Linc.) 8. Victoria Jones 17:54 (M.); 9. Sydney Strunk (17:57 (O); 10. Riley Mortenson 17:58 (Hoover)

Ottumwa Runners —12. Ashlyn Thompson 18:26; 13. Kelsey Howard 18:27; 17. Sydney Cloyd 18:51. 

Junior varsity Runners — 1. Madison Zesiger 18:08; 3. Damaris Toom 19:40; 5. Sarah Keith 19:51; 8. Georgia Garrett 20:07; 12. Estefany Guido 21:16; 14. Daisy Cuautle 21:59; 15. Sam Saunders 22:01; 19. Ashley McMullin 23:04; 21. Abby Walker 23:12.

Junior varsity teams:

1. Marshalltown 28, Ottumwa 29, Des Moines Lincoln 85.