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January 17, 2013

Senior Night Swim: Bulldog swimmers fall to formidable Roosevelt

Ottumwa Courier

OTTUMWA — Don’t be deceived by the Ottumwa boys swim team’s 112-58 loss to Des Moines Roosevelt on senior night Thursday at The Beach Ottumwa.

The score doesn’t accurately reflect the high level of exertion the Bulldogs expended in the senior’s last home dual: they swam hard, really hard.

“We’ve improved so much this year,” senior Adam Mueller said after the dual, “everyone has been dropping time all year and this meet really shows that.”

While the Roughriders won the breadth of the races, Mueller was one exception to the rule. The senior swimmer took first in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 24.06. Ottumwa junior Grant Gullion also gave his team a much-needed boost, as he took first in the 100-yard butterfly with 57.50.

Senior Michael Etnyre, in a gutsy performance, finished second in the grueling 500-yard freestyle with 5:43.48. And he accomplished this feat while battling an illness.

“Coming into it, we had a lot of guys sick,” Etnyre said. “I think we had five or six guys on the team who were sick. If we would have had them on another day or a week from now it might have been a different story.”

The 200 freestyle relay was hotly contested, as the noise from Ottumwa’s cheering section reached its zenith near the culmination of the race. But, despite a valiant effort, the team of Mueller, Gullion, Hammel and Etnyre had to settle for second with 1:36.20. In addition, Caleb Copple, along with Alex Christensen, Gullion and Etnyre teamed up to take second place for Ottumwa in the 200 Medley relay with 1:51.30. Plus the team of Gullion, Michael Wagner, Mueller and Riley Hammel captured second place in the 400 Freestyle Relay with 3:39.45.

But despite these highlights, the Bulldogs still weren’t able to counteract Roosevelt’s talented roster and seemingly endless supply of players.

“They have a lot of boys and they come out to win every time they swim,” coach Heidi Owens said about the Roughriders. “But the boys who did swim dropped their times and did a great job.”

About halfway through the meet, Ottumwa’s seniors — Thien Dinh, Etnyre, Alex Hardie, Coltt Lavelle, Nick Moreland, Mueller and Copple — were honored for their contributions to the swim program this year. The team’s younger players lined up to offer handshakes and kind words to the seniors as they were acknowledged.

Ottumwa (3-4-1, 2-2-1) has a dual at Grinnelle on Tuesday.

Des Moines Roosevelt-Ottumwa Boys        Swimming Dual


Team Scores — Des Moines Roosevelt 112, Ottumwa 58

Individual Results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Roosevelt (James McKee, Carty Olin, Max Ward, Oliver Shrimp) 1:46.04, 2. Ottumwa (Caleb Copple, Alex Christensen, Grant Gullion, Michael Etnyre) 1:51.30, 5. Ottumwa (Nathan Maughan, Nick Moreland, Logan Angstead, Coltt Lavelle) 1:59.66.

200 Freestyle — 1. Davis Ward (Roosevelt) 2:03.68, 3. Michael Wagner (O) 2:09.24, 5. Trent Taglauer (O) 2:22.04, 6. Michael Bastron (O) 2:22.57.

200 Individual Medley — 1. Sam Au (Roosevelt) 2:17.03, 4. C. Copple (O) 2:31.59, 5. Logan Angstead (O) 2:33.06, 6. Kyle James (O) 3:16.81.

50 Freestyle — 1. Adam Mueller (O) 24.06, 5. Riley Hammel (O) 25.75

100 Butterfly — 1. Grant Gullion (O) 57.50, 5. R. Hammel (O) 25.75, 6. C. Lavelle (O) 28.39.

100 Freestyle — 1. Connor Gillette (Roosevelt) 53.16, 2. A. Mueller (O) 53.16, 5. Jack Langland (O) 59.72, 6. Alex Hardie (O) 1:01.07.

500 Freestyle — 1. Olin Carty (Roosevelt) 5:37.35, 2. Michael Etnyre (O) 5:43.48, 5. Michael Wagner (O) 6:11.38, 6. T. Taglauer (O) 6:23.57.

200 Free Relay — 1. Roosevelt (C. Gillette, Sam Au, Max Ward, Jackson Murphy) 1:34.59, 2. Ottumwa (A. Mueller, Grant Gullion, R. Hammel, M. Etnyre) 1:36.20, 5. Ottumwa (Nick Moreland, Caleb Copple, J. Langland, A. Christensen) 1:46.28.

400 Free Relay — 1. Roosevelt (Gillette, J. Murphy, James McKee, M. Ward) 3:31.55, 2. Ottumwa (Grant Gullion, Michael Wagner, A. Mueller, R. Hammel) 3:39.45, 4. Ottumwa (Logan Angstead, Nathan Maughan, A. Christensen, T. Taglauer) 4:03.39.