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OTTUMWA — No one really wanted to talk about the finished product, a large industrial building turned into a modern, state-of-the-art learning…

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The specter of missing GoPro camera footage documenting the 2016 ski collision between Gwyneth Paltrow and a retired optometrist has been raised at trial in Park City. The daughter of a man suing Paltrow testifies Thursday that her father Terry Sanderson's health and cognitive function deteriorated after the collision, when he broke his ribs and suffered from a concussion. Paltrow has claimed that Sanderson was actually the culprit for the collision, and her attorneys also questioned the daughter about her father's mentions of Paltrow's wealth and celebrity. Paltrow is likely to be called to testify Friday or early next week.

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Ford’s electric vehicle business has lost $3 billion before taxes during the past two years and will lose a similar amount this year as the company invests heavily in the new technology. The figures were released Thursday as Ford rolled out a new way of reporting its financial results. The new business structure separates electric vehicles, the profitable internal combustion and commercial vehicle operations into three operating units. Company officials said the electric vehicle unit will be profitable before taxes by late 2026 with an 8% profit margin. Chief Financial Officer John Lawler said Model e should be viewed as a startup company within Ford.

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A National Hockey League team with a Russian player has decided against wearing special warmup jerseys to commemorate Pride Night, citing an anti-gay Kremlin law that could imperil Russian athletes when they return home. The Chicago Blackhawks will not wear Pride-themed warmup jerseys before Sunday’s game against Vancouver. That's according to a person with knowledge of the matter who spoke to The Associated Press. The decision was made by the Blackhawks following discussions with security officials within and outside the franchise, a person familiar with the situation told the AP on Wednesday. Two Canadian players on the Florida Panthers decided not to wear Pride-themed jerseys on Thursday night, while Russian star Sergei Bobrovsky took part in warmups in one.

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An asteroid big enough to wipe out a city will zip harmlessly between Earth and the moon's orbit this weekend. Saturday’s close encounter will offer astronomers the chance to study a space rock from just over 100,000 miles away. That’s less than half the distance from here to the moon. While asteroid flybys are common, NASA says a big one like this comes this close only once a decade. Scientists estimate its size somewhere between 130 feet and 300 feet. It won't be back this way again until 2026.

Fake images of former President Donald Trump being arrested by New York City police and Russian President Vladimir Putin behind prison bars have flooded social media in recent days. Both were produced using increasingly sophisticated and widely available image-generating software powered by artificial intelligence. The images were among scores of visuals to go viral on social media following the release of a newer, more powerful version of a popular image-generating program. Misinformation experts warn such surges in convincingly real, synthetic images will become commonplace, especially during major news events. They suggest better public awareness about the emerging technology is needed.