I would like to know why that someone that abuses animals can get by with this type of cruelty and get away with it. The court system has failed badly. Why should she get that small a fine? The others need to pay, also.

My mother-in-law when she was alive ran a kennel called Katie’s Kennel in Ottumwa. She also did a lot with the Humane Society in Ottumwa. She probably is rolling over in her grave to see the injustice that is being done to our pets, and the law does nothing.

These animals are living creatures that God put on earth. So why can these individuals get by with hurting and abusing them and nothing is done to them but a small fine?

I feel that jail time would have been a better punishment so that they could think of what they have done. They should be locked up like the animals and maybe they would understand how people that love animals feel.

Wapello court system, you need to have more feelings for the animals and less for the abusers.

Karen Nichols


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