I am responding to the reader wondering about rental rates at Bridge View Center.

Before setting the fees, I studied the rates charged for many other similar facilities. The rental rates at Bridge View center are in the lower third of the facilities surveyed.

I have spoken to a number of promoters looking to bring knife and gun shows, coin shows and other consumer shows and all have seemed very comfortable with our pricing structure.

I am actively seeking out more promoters to bring shows into Bridge View. So far, no one has approached me about a flea market, but I’d be very open to that.

For a concert, the basic building rental cost typically accounts for less than 10 percent of the ticket price. Most of the rest of the costs are for the performer, production expenses and marketing. Promoters set ticket prices based on all of those costs.

We are committed to having a broad range of programs at Bridge View and will work aggressively to achieve that goal.

 Jon Elbaum

General Manager

Bridge View Center

P.O. Box 1673 Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

phone: 641-682-0828

fax: 641-682-3466


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