CINCINNATI — A Cincinnati dog breeder has made the Humane Society of the United States’ Horrible Hundred report, which highlights 100 problem puppy mills.

The 2021 report is the fifth time Henry Sommers of Happy Puppys has made the report. “Even after appearing in four of our prior Horrible Hundred reports …, Henry Somme’s was cited for more issues … in 2021,” the report reads.

Violations noted during a Feb. 4 USDA inspection related to foul odors and poor housekeeping. Inspectors found that many surfaces in the building “had a layer of dirt/grime/dust/waste indicating they had not been clean or sanitized in many months,” the report reads. One example cited a 5-gallon bucket filled with fecal-contaminated water was emitting a foul odor and left just a foot away from an enclosure housing two dogs.

In addition, electrical outlets connected to the dogs’ enclosures had waste buildup, unsanitary flooring with built-up material, and PVC pipes and other materials with buildup of dust, grime and dead bugs. “These unclean/unsanitary surfaces were all within just a few feet of the dogs and in some cases just inches away, right outside their enclosures. Adult dogs and puppies are at a higher risk of becoming ill when they are housed in unsanitary conditions,” the report reads.

The Humane Society says Sommers was cited for familiar issues in the past in prior reports, as well as issues with sick or injured dogs. “Serious issues at the operation stretch out to at least 2014, when a USDA inspector found that a veterinarian hadn’t visited the facility since 2012,” the report states. Repeat issues from 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 were highlighted by the Humane Society in the full report, which can be found at

A total of 11 Iowa locations were listed in the Horrible Hundred.

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