CENTERVILLE — Forty additional ballots have been counted following Tuesday night’s primary, and Linda Demry and Mark McGill have secured the Republican nomination for the upcoming Appanoose County Board of Supervisors election.

They will run for two spots on the county board against Democrats Richard Burger and Kristopher Hoffman, the only two Democrats who ran in the primary.

McGill, an area farmer, was the leading vote-getter with 623 votes. Demry, who is seeking a second term on the board, received 472 votes.

Appanoose County Auditor Kelly Howard said both McGill and Demry received at least 35 percent of the vote, and thus a county Republican convention will not be required.

Jeffery Kulmatycki, an area business owner, was third in the vote with 438.

Neal Smith, an incumbent supervisor, missed the nomination and finished fourth in the vote tally with 305.

Richard Taylor also ran for the Republican nomination and received 202 votes.

The Appanoose County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday at 9 a.m. to canvass the result, which will make the race official.

Absentee ballots received before the canvass and postmarked on or before June 1, can still be counted. The auditor’s office said it received seven additional ballots on Thursday, but all seven were postmarked June 2 and thus can not be counted.

Howard said she checked each ballot’s postal tracking information and found they were entered in the post office’s system for the first time on June 2.

Kyle Ocker is the group editor of the Ottumwa Courier and Oskaloosa Herald. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Kyle_Ocker.

Kyle Ocker is a Centerville native and award-winning multimedia journalist. Kyle is currently the first vice president of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council and vice president of the Iowa Print Sports Writers Association.

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