Indian Hills Community College has released the names of the students who were on the college’s academic Honor Roll for the 2019-20 Winter Term. To be included on the Honor Roll an IHCC student must be enrolled full-time and have a grade point average for the term of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Local students receiving the honor, sorted by home town, were:

BLAKESBURG: Ashley D. Claussen, Elisabeth A. Glosser

CENTERVILLE: Anna B. Bowen, Cameron Voss, Holly C. Sheston, Milan Van Der Breggen, Ryoya Yamashita, Thayda K. Houser, Claire Mathews, Bryanna N. Cossolotto, Jeremy M. Croteau, Yuichiro Kamata, Brady M. Nowicki, Maggie J. Cowan, Aubreyonna D. McGill, Hannah L. Hinners, Barry L. Harsch, Josue Mireles, Nick S. Marshall, Wyatt D. Wendell, Ko Nakada, Daniel D. Hargrave, Jurgen Zwitzer, Nathan J. Welch, Mason E. Haskell, Dave Janssen, Cameryn G. Gheer, Ethan J. Susin, Abigayle J. Sweet

EXLINE: Frank J. Emmart, Logan J. Jellison, Solana S. Foglesong

MELROSE: Preston S. Williams

MORAVIA: Justin K. Brown

MOULTON: Peter Thullen

PLANO: Ashtin A. Glenn, Dugun R. Glenn

PROMISE CITY: Franchesca B. DeVore

RATHBUN: Heather K. Lancaster

UNIONVILLE: M’chelle E. Allen

UNIONVILLE, MO: Cody Heidenwith, Tyron C. Casady

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