The migration is on.

People are flocking away from Facebook and Twitter in favor of Parler. 

We really don’t care what social media platforms you use. 

What we do care about is civil discourse and robust public debate. 

When we only listen to or read things we agree with, then we stop learning, stop growing and, in the end, stop being reasonable. 

Then, there is also the real danger of agreeing with wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories because those theories seem to substantiate what we already believe. 

That has never been more true than it is now. 

Conspiracy theorists have flocked to the Parler social media platform simply because Parler makes little attempt to verify or fact check claims made by its users. 

Because of that, Parler is not only an echo chamber, it is a vast field of false information land mines. 

To be accurate, however, we should say Parler’s guidelines, updated Nov. 7, 2020, do allow the fledgling site to remove posts it finds criminal or objectionable. 

Again, we are not concerned about what social media platforms people choose to use, or if you are even on social media at all. 

We do encourage everyone to listen, really listen, to people you disagree with politically. 

Hear what they say not merely what others say about them. 

We do need to see each other again and get to a place where we all realize we can agree to disagree agreeably when it comes to politics. 

We also encourage you to express your points of view here. 

We continue to solicit letters to the editor and guest columns and want to publish a diversity of opinions in this marketplace of ideas. 

Frankly, we have had to reject a lot of letters, not because we disagree with them but because they contained clearly false information, were just inappropriate or all out racist, and we refuse to be anyone’s platform for hate. 

That does not mean in anyway whatsoever we do not want to publish both very conservative and very progressive points of view, and everything in between. 

We actually think that by publishing a diversity of opinions from people you know, from your friends and neighbors, rather than just a bunch of social media trolls, that it may — at least in some small way — contribute to a better understanding and tolerance of one another. 

So, be careful with the echo chamber on all social media platforms.

Be civil. Be truthful. Provide verifiable, legitimate sources for claims of fact. Keep it clean. 

This guest editorial was originally published by the Valdosta Daily Times in Valdosta, Georgia on Nov. 18.

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