OTTUMWA — For 13 years, money hasn’t come from the end of the rainbow, but it has come from scholarship money.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday July 27, golfers of all ages came to golf at the Cedar Creek Golf Course for the thirteenth annual Elks Scholarship Golf Tournament.

Many golfed for fun, but most chose to golf in order to raise money for students to go to college or trade school.

Nancy Petersen, a 10 year committee member has been golfing at the Elks tournament for years. “My father and grandfather were lifetime members,” she said. “We believe in Elks. We give back to the community. With the many golfers we have here we should be close to $10,000 in scholarships. It will be a wonderful year for high school seniors.”

Madalyne Rutledge, an Elks member golfed with her boyfriend and family all day. “It’s been a lot of fun,” Rutledge said, “It’s a beautiful day.

Rutledge not only enjoyed herself, but also shared how she benefited from the scholarship tournament. “When I was in highschool I benefited from the scholarship fund,” she said. “I got an academic scholarship from Elks.”

Neil Anderson is not an Elks member, but participated in the tournament because he liked what Elks was doing for students. “It’s a worthwhile event,” Anderson said, “With the raffle tickets it’s for a good cause.”

Elks member, Ryan Wilson came out to have fun and support the Elks lodge. “It’s nice to support other clubs and it’s all for scholarships,” he said. “You can’t do the things you are doing without these kind of events.”

Not only did Elk members enjoy themselves, but Elks members who helped with the tournament did, too.

Elks member Amanda Pilcher helped bring out the new car, the grand prize at the tournament. “It was my first time helping out,” Pilcher said, “I enjoyed interacting with everybody who came through.”

Jan Inman, Elks member was in charge of the raffle tickets. She’s been arranging the prizes giving out raffle tickets for six to eight years. Prizes consisted of a cooler, T-shirts, a grill and a $300 golf bag. “They are worthwhile gifts and the money goes toward a good cause. Every little bit helps.”

Every little bit did help at the tournament. Inman said more people entered this year, which also accumulated in more scholarship money. “The money we brought in was the most they brought in for the raffle this year. It’s a great way to win the day and win a prize,” Inman said.

“If you can help someone got to school and get ahead it’s worthwhile,” Inman said.