How many Americans would give up homes and careers and all their savings for a chance to serve in Congress, to hold pride of place in the American experiment in self-government, and one day maybe to end up in the history books?

Of a country of more than 325 million, just 535 are senators or representatives. Of those, just 250 have the privilege to belong to the party of Lincoln, Grant, Eisenhower, and Reagan. Hoosiers are represented by this party, founded to preserve the Constitution and the rule of law. And yet, girded with opportunity and responsibility, our Republican leaders are failing their political heritage and the Constitution's clarion call.

The president of the United States attempted to obstruct justice, battling an investigation into an attack on America because he was afraid it would make him look bad. These facts are clear as day in the Mueller Report.

True Republicans would never put up with such behavior. What happened?

Chris Gagin, St. Clairsville, Ohio

legal adviser, Republicans for the Rule of Law

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