Since being a kid, I've dreamt about eating as many Big Macs as I could. As the ultimate cheat day event, I ordered 32 Big Mac® sandwiches from Uber Eats and recorded the experience. According to McDonald’s, the Big Mac® features two 100 percent pure beef patties and Big Mac® sauce sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. It’s topped off with pickles, crisp lettuce, onions and American cheese for a 100 percent beef burger with a taste like no other.

I remember being a little kid and they would sell two Big Macs for $4 and me and my grandpa would get four of them. I’d end up eating three. And this is bringing me back to being a kid. Me and my grandpa would go back to the same McDonald’s every time. And it’s crazy, when I drive by that McDonald’s I still kinda just think about it. I think about all the times I was there with my grandpa and it’s weird the way that food takes you back and helps you remember things. With Big Macs, I definitely remember my grandpa.

I ate 32 Big Mac® in 38 minutes, 15 seconds. The meal is equivalent to 15.36 pounds and 18,016 calories.

I’m still amazed at how good the Big Macs tasted. It’s so much easier to eat a food that you’re familiar with and your body just already knows.

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