PACKWOOD — Two men have been arrested in connection with a year-old bank robbery, joining an Ottumwa man who was charged last fall.

Ross Thornton and Jordan Crawford are both charged with aiding and abetting the June 1, 2018 robbery of Pilot Grove Savings Bank. Authorities previously charged Ethan Spray with first degree robbery in the case.

The criminal complaint against Thornton said he was identified as the driver of the car in which Spray fled the bank. Another witness spotted the vehicle outside Packwood after the robbery and two men putting bags into a pickup. The men split up, with each driving away in a separate vehicle.

The arrest was not Thornton’s first in connection with a bank robbery. Court documents show he was convicted in connection with the 2007 robbery of the same bank.

Crawford is not charged with being present in the robbery. But authorities said in court filings he helped by “‘casing’ of the bank before the robbery with Ross Thornton, babysitting for Ethan Spray in order for Spray to rob the bank at gun point, and collecting and/or providing clothing to Spray to wear during the robbery.”

Spray’s arrest in October followed a search of his home in which authorities found cash and a handgun. Thornton’s home was searched the same day, and authorities found large amounts of cash there as well. Some of the serial numbers matched money taken from the bank.

Spray’s pretrial conference is scheduled for July 8.

Thornton and Crawford both had initial appearances in court Monday and are being held on a $50,000 cash-only bond.

All three men face the potential for 25 years in prison if convicted.


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