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FAIRFIELD — The man police say was found naked with a 13-year-old girl will go on trial this August.

Timothy Chavez, 21, is charged with lascivious acts with a child for the April incident. Chavez was found with the girl in an alley in Fairfield by the mother of the girl after she didn’t return from a party, according to authorities. Chavez fled, but was arrested after being found hiding near railroad tracks.

Earlier this month Chavez’s attorney filed papers demanding a speedy trial.

The police description of events has similarities to a 2016 case in which Chavez, then 18, was found in a vehicle with another 13-year-old. Both were partially clothed, and Chavez was charged with third degree sexual abuse. He was convicted of lascivious acts with a minor and given two years’ probation.

In August 2017 Chavez failed to appear for a probation revocation hearing, was found in contempt of court, and ordered to serve 90 days in jail. Chavez is also required to register as a sex offender.

The trial is currently scheduled to begin Aug. 27.

In other area cases:

A suppression hearing in Zachary Barr’s sexual exploitation case has been set for July 18. Barr, a former teacher, is accused of having sexually explicit online conversations with who he thought was a teenage student. Police had taken over the account, though, after the girl’s mother brought them her concerns.

Barr’s defense has argued police entrapped him, steering the conversation to sexual topics after they took over the account, and that none of his conversations with the student broke the law.

Alissa Patterson pleaded guilty to second degree theft in a vehicle theft case in Fairfield. Patterson received a five-year suspended prison sentence, five years’ probation and a fine.

Jacob Heckethorn’s trial on charges of first degree murder was pushed back to November. It was set to begin in June. Court documents show the trial is expected to take five days.


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